Monday, August 2, 2010

Lobster Anyone

One of my favorite treats is fresh lobster and there's no better place to get it than in Nova Scotia and/or Prince Edward Island. When we lived in NS and were visiting PEI we went to an all-you-can-eat lobster buffet and thought we died and went to heaven! Biscuits, seafood chowder, and heaping trays of fresh lobster were piled onto our table. When they were gone, more lobster was brought to us! It's one of my best memories of PEI!

When our daughter Mary and I went to visit Mum in NS three years ago, another lobster treat awaited us - and we drove 40 miles from where we were staying just to have it! Lobster rolls...McLobster... McDonalds best creation! Only available in the Maritime provinces and New England and only in the summer! To die for! Large chunks of real tail and claw meat, mixed with mayo, arranged in lettuce, on a hot dog mouth waters just thinking of it! It's reason enough to go back to Nova Scotia in the summer.

The golden arches present - McLobster!

Mary loved it!

I loved it!

Even Mum enjoyed it!

For our anniversary a couple years ago, our daughter Sara arranged via internet for a fresh lobster dinner to be sent to us from Nova Scotia. It arrived via air and contained two live lobsters, clam chowder, rolls, shrimp cocktail, even the butter to dip the lobster in. It was the first time I had to cook live lobster! Easy! It was delicious. A wonderful anniversary gift for two displaced Maritimers.

Ready for the pot.


That reminds me of a funny story. When we lived back east a visitor who had discovered the joys of fresh lobster had some live lobsters crated and sent home to his parents in the southwest USA. The parents received them all right but called to tell their son that they had to throw the lobster out because it was was green-brown instead of red! He should have told them before they got the lobster that they don't turn red till they're cooked. I wonder how many other people have done that!

I've got way off track here. The main reason for this post is to show you these very creative lobsters that we saw all around Halifax on our last visit. I wish I had taken pictures of more of them. They're great!

At the Dartmouth ferry terminal. The song the lobster is singing is "Farewell to Nova Scotia"

This one was at Historic Properties at the waterfront in Halifax.

On the Boardwalk, Halifax

And another one on the Historic Properties boardwalk

Now lets all meet at Red Lobster for dinner!!!


Mickey said...

A favorite treat for me too and it all goes back to travelling to Maine & eating lobsters when we were young!
Billingsgate is a great place as well for the seafood treat!

Jane said...

Wonderful story about lobster. McLobster?? Never heard of it but it sounds delicious. How about McGrits??


Chatty Crone said...

Well you must like lobsters is all I can say - I have to admit I've tasted one -but never had treated myself to a whole one! I'm scared.

And then I think I feel so bad thinking about them being dumbed in boiling water!


JQ said...

They're from the same phylum as mosquitos and spiders and don't care much for our sympathy, I reckon. HA!

Annesphamily said...

Oh MY Goodness! I need to visit you. I love lobster. It is one of my very favorite things to eat! Yummy! Those lobsters hanging around town are sweet. Anne