Saturday, September 25, 2010


In July of this year, just 15 minutes north of Edmonton, the most beautiful, amazing, interactive, educational, fun park opened. I finally went to it today with two of my little granddaughters, Kenzie and Sydney. Jurassic Forest certainly lived up to all I had heard about it. It's built in the middle of an old-growth forest. Participants follow a boardwalk through the forest where on all sides very realistic enormous mechanized dinosaurs roam. They are incredibly life-like. There are motion sensors all over so you can see them move and roar all around you. The kids loved it and so did I.

It was one of those beautiful fall days when the air is fresh and crisp - not too cold and not too hot. The colors were changing in the trees, the mosquitos had disappeared for the year, and it was a treat to be outside in the woods.

The names of all the creatures were displayed at the boardwalk but I didn't take note of them - except for this one - the Albertasaurus - named because its bones were found in southern Alberta in the Drumheller area, which is well known for it's dinosaur fossils.

These cute little wagons were available for rent by parents with young children who might get tired.

This guy has a baby (or small) dinosaur in it's mouth and would actually chomp down on it when the motion sensors were activated - really grossed Sydney out.

My little companions of the day - Kenzie and Syd. We had originally planned for their mom, my daughter Amy, and their two little brothers to come with us, but Aidan got sick and the baby was fussy so Amy was forced to stay home with them. (Our men were in a golf tournament all day so this was to be our activity of the day). The girls were so excited to go that I didn't have the heart to tell them we couldn't, and I'm glad we didn't cancel. We had a wonderful time.

This was an impressive guy. He roared and tossed his head around above us. As we rounded a bend in the boardwalk we realized that he was being attacked by a gang of young raptors and was trying to shake one of them off his back.

This was an impressive specimen. I don't know what type of dinosaur he is but I liked him.

This one was eating a dinosaur fish.

I liked these ones too - looked like they had curlers in their hair - kinda cute.

This one laid an egg while we watched.

There was also a good-sized sandy play area for kids - dinosaur head slides where the kids slide out of his head on his toung, climbing heads, and even a paelengology dig where the kids can unearth a dinosaur skeleton. There's also a large picnic area among the trees - lots of picnic tables well shaded by the trees. A beautiful, totally family friendly place to spend the day.


RH (aka Lucy) said...

I'd LOVE to go there. I've always loved dinosaurs. Don't know why but they are fascinating. Great park!

Mickey said...

We were there too today celebrating our Grandson's 4th birthday. He is totally obsessed by dinosaurs right now! It was awesome and also such a surprise to see you and the girls! Loved the coloured leaves and Fall like weather. James & I plan to go back in the winter!!

Sara_HB said...

looks like fun

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

WOW!!! That is quite a park!!! Very unusual and creative. I bet you have many more visits in your future with all those grandkids!