Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday With Mickey

My friend Mickey and I have developed a lovely tradition...

We get together on Friday for lunch and whatever else we feel like doing. Our husbands know not to plan anything for our Friday's. It's our day...or few hours. We're both busy with our families, children and grandchildren, so it's nice to be able to count on this time for ourselves. We have a lot in common so never run out of things to talk about. This summer it's been harder to do our Friday lunches, with holidays and travel and all, but today we finally got out.

We try to find different places to go and things to do on these special days, and have tried a few interesting restaurants and explored a few new stores. Today though, we went simple and familiar. Here's how our day went.

I picked Mickey up at 11:30 - sometimes she drives and sometimes I do, depending on what the husbands are doing and whether or not they need the vehicle.

We had decided beforehand that we'd go here...

for lunch. For good, inexpensive comfort food you can't beat the restaurant at IKEA. No frills, no fuss, just good food.

We had their delicious salmon with fresh vegetables and potato medallions...and a slice of something sweet and chocolatey for dessert.

...and made a purchase or two. Mickey's new rug almost didn't fit into my Acura, but we made it work.

While eating, I had a phone call from Sara telling me that their bunny got away and she had to go out and search for it before the kids got home from school. (How he got away is another story for another time).

Mickey and I went over and did a brief look around but couldn't find the brown Holland lop bunny. Sara wasn't there so we left. (NB Just had a call from Sara...when she got home a couple hours later, the bunny was in his cage on the back deck and the cage was open. Guess he just wanted an adventure and came home when he was ready.)
Our next stop was...

where we bought vitamins and supplements for our aging bodies and joints, and a cosy blanket for Mickey's TV viewing times, and where I picked up 190 pictures that I had sent them for processing last night.

We were thirsty by this time so we stopped and had a drink in the Costco cafeteria. Mickey asked a stranger at the next table to take a picture of us, and I didn't notice until I downloaded it that it was blurry. Anyhow, this is it.

And then, after our 3-hour adventure, I drove Mickey home and came home myself.
That's pretty typical of our Fridays, except that they usually include a trip to Michael's and/or a scrapbooking store, and our meals usually aren't in big box stores! The best part of our days is the time we spend talking and catching up, and there was a lot to catch up on today.
Everyone should have a Friday break with a friend like Mickey. It's good for the heart.


Lucy said...

You're right. Everybody should have a regular fun day!

Chatty Crone said...

That looked like so much fun. I had a friend like that too. Sandie

Jane said...

I love Ikea and Costco. Glad that you guys had a fun day out and about!


Sara_HB said...

crazy bunny
sounds like a nice day

Mickey said...

I looked over this a few times. How could I have forgotten to comment? This of course is a wonderful blog of a very fun day. And it was productive too. I love the Ikea carpet. It is so cozy! It had been a while, with all your galavanting, so it was particulary special! Have fun scrapbooking!

Chatty Crone said...

Your Labor Day sounds good too. Just got done cleaning and I feel sooooooooo good. House looks great. We are going to go to Toys R Us and to see Nanny McPhea! Have a good one.