Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doctor Grammie

When my kids were small I used to love taking splinters out of their little feet and hands. As they got older, they wouldn't even let me know when they had splinters because they didn't want me to get out the tweezers and sharp needle and start picking at them. Brats!

Well, I don't need them now. They've been replaced as my patients. Several months ago 3-year old Aidan's mother, my daughter Amy, convinced him to let Grammie take a sliver out of his hand. He didn't want his mother to do it, in spite of the fact that she's a Registered Nurse. I then proceeded to do a successful splinterectomy! So this evening I got a call from Amy saying that Aidan had a large sliver in his foot and he wanted me to take it out. I felt so honored!

They came down to see me. Aidan was so good and brave. I didn't even need to dig at it with a needle - the tweezers did the job. He went away happy and it made my day. Thanks Aidan.

The offending sliver

Doctor Grammie at work

Look away Aidan

The culprit - safely out.


Emtron said...

that's a big one! poor boy

Sara_HB said...

Look at Aidan being so brave!

Mike said...

That thing is huge.

JQ said...

I don't recall us having tweezers in the house when I was prime splinter age. You just had sewing needles, that wicked left hand, and a bogus story about the little girl who got gangrene.

Mickey said...

Good for you Pat! I always hated taking splinters out!
Love your new photo of your family on top! Such a nice picture of you all!

Nick said...

Hi Pat - what a crew! Just found your blog - interesting!

Anonymous said...

Amazed at how much Aiden looks like hi Dad in these pics.

Mike said...

My five-year-old mind probably exaggerated this, but it seemed like you dug in my heel with that needle for half an hour.

wendy said...

My kids were just the same - and I LOVED taking splinters out with a needle and tweezers! And Randy is just as bad as the kids were - they won't let me have any fun.