Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 3 - Syd's Soccer

Yesterday was Syd's soccer day.  She's a sweet little 5-year old with an aggressive sporting nature...a real competitor.

Controlling the ball
 She sets her sights on the goal and goes in for it.
Closing in for the kill
 And she scores.  The goalie made an admirable attempt to block her shot.

I couldn't stay and watch the whole game because Aidan had to pee and Tate kept trying to run (crawl) away, and I forgot the bug spray and the mosquitoes were vicious.  Since home was just a block and a half away, it was easy for us to come back for the girls when the game was almost over.

Here's how Syd prepared for the game...

I came out of an upstairs bedroom and found her sitting in a beam of sunlight doing a yoga pose. 

So now I'm into day 4 of babysitting.  Hang in there baby!


Mickey said...

still ticking...! what a wonderful job you are doing! We were out watching William last night too! He's 4 and was hilarious! Not the competitive type at all. But he ran and followed the group & enjoyed snack time! What are your plans for the day?! Can't wait to hear!

sara said...

Except for the red hair, she looks just like Amy in the last picture.