Sunday, May 15, 2011

Frank Slide

On our drive through the mountains yesterday to visit our daughter, Mary, and her family in BC, we stopped at the site of the Frank Slide in the Crowsnest Pass.  This is the site of the worse mountain slide in North America, but it is not widely known about.  There's a fascinating story about it on the
Frank Slide website. 

In brief, in 1903 a hundred million tons of limestone broke off of Turtle Mountain, destroying the town of Frank, Alberta, and the coal mining operation, Canadian Pacific Railway section and everything else in its path.    The huge boulders still litter the valley as a reminder of the tragedy.

The town is buried many meters beneath where Lloyd is standing

I'm leaning against one of the many huge boulders littering the townsite

At the edge of the devastation

The beautiful mountains of the Crowsnest Pas overshadow the Frank Slide area

Looking up over the fallen mountain through a mountain pass

The historic marker at the Frank Slide site.
The site is a sobering testament to the forces of nature.  The site here tells the story beautifully.


Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Fascinating! I read every bit of that and then went to youtube and found videos of the mountain. I sure never heard of it but since I wasn't around in 1903 and I've never lived in Canada......It is just huge. One of the videos showed it from the air with the cars going by it below. They looked like ants in comparison. I have a few subjects like history that I can't get enough of and this (geography and nature) is another one. Incredible.

Chatty Crone said...

Interesting, but very sad. Wonder what make it break away.

Mickey said...

Awesome photos Especially love the one with the mountain in the background.

Kath said...

A little sign reading "Falling Rock" just doesn't quite explain that slide. I bet the survivors had nightmares of the roar that must of been.
Your pictures are beautiful!