Friday, May 20, 2011

The Riding Lesson

While in BC we had the chance to attend Layla's riding lesson.  This was the 6th or 7th lesson she's had and to our untrained eye, she is doing very well. 

I like horses, from a distance...their colors and forms and the shape of their heads.  But I have no desire to get up on one or even within close touching distance of them.  There's a reason for that.  When I was about 18 and living in Nova Scotia, I was visiting on an uncle's acreage.  While everyone was up at the house I wandered over to the fence where a beautiful horse was grazing.  As I was standing there admiring him, he came over to the fence and I naturally extended my hand to pet his nose.  The vicious beast then raised his head, opened his mouth, and clamped his teeth, none too gently, over my tender boob!  I couldn't get away from there fast enough and ever since then I've been very leery around horses.

"You're pretty, but I still don't trust you"

But I digress...

Layla (6) and Baron (2.5) have no such fear of horses and they look forward to their weekly lessons. Actually it's Layla's lesson but her instructor lets Baron share about 10 minutes of the lesson time.

Before she can actually get on the horse (his name is Cupid), Layla, with Baron's help, has to brush him down.

Then she's up and the teacher leads Cupid around while teaching Layla signals, control and whatever else she needs to learn. Leslie is impressed with how naturally Layla has taken to riding.

Then, of course, Baron gets his turn.  He's not too good at following instructions (he's only 2.5 after all) but Leslie is patient with him and leads him and Cupid around the arena a couple of times.

When it's Layla's turn again she takes a few turns around the arena without Leslie leading Cupid, and she practices her signals and controls the horse all by herself...very impressive.

Here she is doing it just right, always watching between the horse's ears so she sees where she's leading the beast.
When that's done she has to walk Cupid around for a few minutes for a cool down, although I don't think he worked up much of a sweat carting my little grandkids around.

Maybe someday we'll see them in the Equestrian Olympics.  Wouldn't that be fun!!!


just call me jo said...

What cute equestrians. Layla is so poised and sure of herself. I like horses but sometimes they are testy. Once bitten (on the boob), twice shy...

JQ said...

She looks great.

Chatty Crone said...

It's amazing how they aren't afraid. Horses kind of scare me too. Awesome.

Mickey said...

Love these pics Pat. How nice for Layla and Baron to have the opportunity to learn to ride horses, especially living where they do. I'm sure one day they will make you proud as they perform with their horses!