Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy Day Creativity

Yesterday started out rainy and cloudy so it was a perfect day for Mickey to come over and spend  10 or 11 hours scrapbooking with me.  These scrapbooking days are lovely breaks we try to take once a week.  Mickey comes over between 9 and 10 in the morning and stays until 9 or 10 in the evening.  We turn the radio on to our favorite station and make sure our iPads are charged so we can look for layout sketches on line, play a game of Scrabble or two, check emails, etc. and then get right to work on our layouts.  We grab a quick lunch and eat while we work and then later in the afternoon if we need to stock up on supplies (or anything else, for that matter) we'll have a quick shopping outing, stopping for dinner at a restaurant, then head back home to finish up our projects.  It makes for a relaxing and creative day that just flies by.

Here's some of my latest creations.

The pictures on the first two layouts were taken when Lloyd and I went to visit our Daughter, Mary and SIL Greg and grandkids Baron and Layla in Osoyoos, BC. last summer.  We're going there again next week so I thought I better get some of last year's pictures scrapbooked before I have a whole new stack to do.

Baron rides anything, tricycles, toy quads, real golf carts, and the dog, Chester.
(He doesn't really 'drive' the golf cart - just pretends while is parents golf) 

Mary, Greg, Baron and Layla - Summer 2010 - with Grammie and Papa holding the kids in the small picture

Our daughter, Sara, is a professional children's portrait photographer so she always has beautiful pictures of her four kids.  This last batch she gave me, taken in Surprise, AZ in April, were so beautiful that I had to put them into a layout the first chance I had.

Seven year old Charlie

Three year old Elly

Six year old Maximus

Nine month old Quinn

When the family went to the Wildlife Park in Surprise, it was feeding time for the parrots and macaws. 
One bird in particular thought Sara's beautiful thick hair was an ideal nest and climbed right in there.

 These pictures are ones I posted before from when we were down there in February.  We spent a whole afternoon watching these two little birds fly back and forth building their nest.  By the time Sara's family got down there in March there was no sign of the birds although the nest was still there.

The layout photo was crooked.  The dark brown strips around it are not part of the layout.

So that's how Mickey and I spent a rainy day yesterday.


just call me jo said...

You do great work. I used to scrapbook, but it took me sooo long and was kind of spendy. Yours looks tons better than mine ever did. It's nice that you can have such good times together. I love rainy days, but they're not very prevalent here, huh.

Chatty Crone said...

What cute grandkids you have my dear. And great pictures and you must have a great friend to stay with you for 12 hours! sandie

Mickey said...

If only you could see these layouts in person. They are gorgeous!
Yes those sb days are a wonderful break in the week. Getting so many layouts done and enjoying girl time! Exilerating!