Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer's Fading Fast

I've been fading as fast as summer this week.  It's taking me longer than usual to get back ito gear after our Arizona holiday. 

It's been unusually hot here in Edmonton this week - 32C yesterday.  I think that translates to somewhere in the 80sF.    Not so bad if you have AC but up here very few homes have AC because it's only useful for two weeks of the year.  But boy do we have great super-duper furnaces, which run for 9 months of the year!

Mickey and I got together for scrapbooking yesterday and by 2:00 my brain was fried.  I couldn't put a picture on a piece of paper to save my life.  I did manage to get a couple of layouts done of my granddaughter, Quinn's, first birthday party though.

So Mickey went home and I had a nap. Bad idea.  The one-hour sleep revitalized me enough to make sleep impossible until after 2 am.  So I sat up doing exciting things like paying bills on-line and searching for apps for my iPad.  Blogging at that time of night was out of the question - it would have been even more incoherent and rambling than it is now.

The nail polish on my toes, which I keep nicely painted during the summer because I've been living in sandals, is all chipped and cracked now but I don't care any more because after today it'll be shoes and socks weather and nobody will see my toes anymore.  The polish will fade and disappear like the summer.

And speaking of nails, just before we left Arizona I had a manicure - the first since my daughter, Sara's, wedding in 2002.  The manicurist said I have 'pretty nails'.  They were unusually long for me as I tend to give them a good tooth trimming every day or so and hadn't been doing that for a couple of weeks.  So she filed them nicely and put some pretty polish on them.  It made me feel pretty and feminine - for a few days - then one chipped and I had to peel the polish off.  Then once I started on one, I kept going.  The polish is almost all gone now and today I'll finish it off, trim the nails down to a manageable length and get back to normal.  It's been hard to type with my longer fingernails anyway so I'm back to being practical.

Enough rambling.  I'm going to go downstairs now and do something with my day.  It's just past lunch time now and I still haven't had breakfast since I slept in till after nine - unheard of for me.

 I'm looking forward to Autumn.  The fresh cool crisp air is so invigorating - I love it.  After being faded out by the summer heat, there's nothing better than cool fall days.  And it's such a beautiful, if short, season here.

Edmonton - Fall 2010


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Pat

your grandaughter is such a cute baby.
I love the photos and the layout.
Clever you!

Your manicure sounds great, such a lovely treat and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I could do with that!

I can't imagine the temps you are having,
it is quite cold here and grey, dark and miserable. The talk on the radio is that we will have snow in around 6 weeks which will make it a long winter.

Take care and have a good weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Fall always seems short here too. Just when it looks beautiful it freezes and every thing turns brown and wet then white with snow. Winter is the longest season here as well and I am not at all looking forward to it. Glad you made it home safely. Take your time and adjust. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one.

Thisisme. said...

I love that beautiful header photo that you have now. I can imagine, with the high temperatures that you have been experiencing, that you will really welcome the cooler Fall! I think it's sad that summer is fading fast, especially as we've hardly had any summer over here in England. :( Loved the layouts for your granddaughter's first birthday.

Anonymous said...

Here in Colorado, Autumn is beginning to show it's face, too. We went on a hike last weekend and saw the first gold Aspens at 11,000'.
And I spent the day in the backyard pulling out the plants that are 'done'. Three bags full.

Seems like you were just in AZ (visiting Holly/etc). That went fast.

Nails? I used to have nice ones, but too much art and gardening does them in. Easier to keep them short. But my toes? They are always painted and will be when they close the lid.

Have a great weekend.

LaelShine said...

You're scaring me with that talk about furnaces,lol,(I'm in denial about winter;p)

Your grandbaby is so sweet! She looks so thoughtful in the first photo.

Mickey said...

Sometimes it is very hard to get over a trip. Give yourself a few days to recover. Getting those gorgeous layouts done is really something when you were so tired.
I remember when we went out and got that lovely photo of the North Saskatchewan River last year.

Granny Annie said...

I am so envious of scrapping. You pages are fantastic. Love your new photograph but sure miss the blue bridge. Good luck with your return to earth. LOL


I love the cool crisp air of Autumn too. It energizes the soul. I can appreciate your restless night. I'm a night owl, so it's not unusual for me to be going to sleep at 4 or 5 am. I get more accomplished then, than during the day. ENJOY being home. It's always comforting after a long trip.

Desiree said...

Your header really is beautiful, Pat! Here, our Spring weather has decided to do a bolt and we're experiencing a very cold, blustery and wet day (but the rain is always welcome, so I am not complaining...just feeling chilly!) I always take time to settle back into a routine even if I've only been away from home for a couple of nights!