Thursday, November 15, 2012

...And We're Off Again!

Tonight is our last night with Anson.  His parents and sister are coming home tomorrow.  We're going to miss being with him every day - he's so interesting to be around - never a dull moment.

I'll drop him off at the Children's Centre as usual in the morning and then Lloyd and I will head across the mountains to BC to take Christmas parcels to our daughter Mary and her family who live in Osoyoos.  It's a long drive - about 12 hours - and it'll be winter through the high passes, as it is here.  Mary and Greg usually come home to Alberta for Christmas but couldn't this year.  I'm kind of relieved at that.  I hate the thought of them making that drive in the dead of winter, with two of our grandkids in the car with them.  Better that Lloyd and I go a month early, save them a trip, and have a visit at a less hectic time.

Here's some more pictures of this week with Anson.

In the playground in the snow - that's Anson's 'you're taking another picture of me?' look.

Lovely red/green McIntosh apples - the second basket full - Anson loves them and ate several every day.

"Good morning Grammie" - that's his "say cheese" look.

Bacon, rice cakes, and raw vegetables - all dipped in ketchup

And we bundle up and head out to the Children's Center for fun and learning

I forgot to take my camera with me on some of our outings - his favorite one was last night when we went to Edo Japan at the mall. He loves eating there and can easily out-eat Lloyd and me.

It's been a fun week.

Now off to new adventures...but we'll be back.


Granny Annie said...

Oh I know you will miss him. Please tell me he doesn't dip his rice cakes in ketchup. Yikes. Precious, precious boy with a beautiful smile.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you are able to make the trip to your daughters and I do wish you safe travels. I usually have to mail out gifts to the ones far away like that. I haven't had all of my family together for Christmas in years. Enjoy your early holiday with them.

Mickey said...

Have really enjoyed seeing Anson's photos and your special time with him. He sure must be healthy with all those vegetables! Yes you will miss him and bet he will miss you!
Know I'll be thinking of you as you cross the mountains!
Have fun with Mary and the kids!

thisisme said...

Lovely photos and it certainly does look as if you had a lot of fun. Have a safe trip when you deliver the Christmas presents. said...

Lovely Boy Anson nice smile.

Safe trip and have fun with the kids.

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