Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Fair at Spirit Ridge

This has been a very good day, in spite of the fact that rain fell continuously the whole day and into the evening.

Lloyd and I enjoyed a 3-hour lunch with some friends that we hadn't seen in 32 years.  The talk went on and on and still we left with a lot of things yet to talk about.  Bill and Meredith are one of those couples who, when you see them again, you pick up right where you left off.  That is, if you even recognize after so long a time between meetings.  It's a happy circumstance that they now live just a few miles from Mary and Greg here in the Okanagan.   We'll definitely be getting together with them again.

But the main portion of our fun day happened when Mary, Greg, Layla and Baron arrived at the Spirit Ridge Resort for the Christmas fair.  So much to see and do.  The rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits and the only event it cancelled was the hot air balloon.  The basket was there, with the operator in it lighting the huge flares, but the balloon itself couldn't be inflated or attached because the rain would make it too heavy.  Everything else was perfect though.

Mary, Layla and Baron with the hot air balloon basket

We checked out the many beautifully decorated Christmas trees of which these are just a few...

Just ignore that strange child in green He's not ours.
including a frightening Hallowe'en themed tree, while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and hot apple cider.

The kids played in the bouncy castle room...

While their parents and grandparents watched and visited together....

Mary and Lloyd

Then we went to the cookie and ornament decorating room where the kids got down and dirty with cookies, ornaments, paint, frosting,  and candy of all types.

while parents and grandparents looked on and even helped a bit.

Then it was off to the bonfire pit where the kids toasted marshmallows with their Dad's help

and, using the chocolate and graham wafer crackers provided, they made delicious s'mores

Papa with his first ever s'more

Layla savoring her s'more
 We admired the giant tipi tree of lights.

And then, for the grand finale, the kids got to sit on Santa's knee and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Baron was less than thrilled!
 We topped the day off by going out to dinner before coming back to our rooms to rest up for tomorrow's adventures with the Bournes.

Hope your day was a happy one too.


thisisme said...

I've got a photo of Eli like that with Father Christmas - not sure at all!!! So sorry about the rain - hope I didn't send it over! Looks like you still had a great time, and what a lovely Christmas Fair it was. How wonderful to meet up with your friends after 32 years and still have lots to chat about!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day with your family and old friends too!

RoeH said...

Christmas. What a nice season it always is.

Granny Annie said...

Question: What is/are "ever's more"?
Question: What child in green? Is there a child in the tree that you have blotted out? If so, how did the child get inside the tree?
Exclamation: Love the look of your Father Christmas. Must more realistic and loving than Santa Claus.
Appreciation: Thanks for sharing the wonderful time you had with good friends and good family. Precious children by the way.

Mickey said...

Love pre Christmas activities! There were so many Christmasy things going on here yesterday too.
But not in rain! lol!
Layla and Baron are adorable and am sure they are so excited to have their Grandparents visiting!

Anonymous said...

@ Grannie Annie-
s'mores are a roasted marshmallow with chocolate in between graham crackers
the child in green is playing with the train in front of the tree.
We had lots of fun too! Glad you got some nice pictures! See you soon!

Granny Annie said...

LOL Now I see. I read this caption "Papa with his first ever s'more" and I thought he had an "evers' more". I know what s'mores are.

Now I see the little boy. I thought he was a green package.

Maybe I'll see about some new glasses:)

Ellie said...

It is great to meet up with friends like that. It sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful day :)

Chatty Crone said...

All the grands were so cute - loved the Santa ones. sandie

Andy Steven said...

These pictures are making me feel yarny feelings, Good luck with your Christmas hosting. Try some good food, and wine it will rock.
christmas parties