Monday, November 5, 2012

Snow Fun

I dropped in on Sara this afternoon just in time to go out in the yard with her and the kids to build a snowman.  In Alberta we get lots of snow but usually it's too cold and dry to be able to build with.  This snow, however, was heavy and wet, what we used to call 'sticky' snow back east, and perfect for packing. 

Charlie rolled the 'body' ball while Max rolled the 'head'

They were surprised at how quickly the balls grew almost too heavy to push.
Meanwhile, Sara rolled the bottom ball and then began the job of trying to lift the
center ball onto the bottom one.
Quinny thought she'd try to lift it.

Then all four of the kids tried to help Sara lift the heavy ball

Then Sara, engineering genius that she is, found a long piece of board
and she and Charlie placed one end on top of the bottom snowball and
rolled the middle ball up the ramp and onto the bottom ball.

By the time the snowman was finished, Quinn had gone inside.  The remaining
three kids sort of posed for pictures with their new friend.  Those red things that seem
to be floating in air are little mittens attached to the skinniest little tree branches
ever - all we could find for the arms.

I think Charlie and Max were quite proud of their accomplishment,
although as soon as it was done Charlie wanted to knock it over.
She was convinced otherwise.

In the meantime, our lovely Mickey (named after my friend) was enjoying
playing on the kids slide set.  She's really a fun cat to watch, so serious and
always looking for something alive that she can catch and bring home.

Surveying her domain from the top of the play set.

And that's our winter fun for today.  It's supposed to warm up enough this week for the snow to melt, but we always know there'll be more - lots, lots more.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Kids do love snow! Thankfully, we have not had any yet. There will be plenty coming our way sooner or later. Hope you have a great week.

RoeH said...

I love how cat's eyes look when they scope in on something. I miss the snow. I'd like to move up to it but then I think about the fact that I don't use any heat at all in the wintertime here and I wouldn't be able to do that. But then I wouldn't have any AC so that would balance it out. Right? :))

Mickey said...

Lucky you getting snowman pics! They're hard to get here in Alberta !Great layout material Pat! Can't wait to see what you do with these pics!
Mickey is very photogenic isn't she?
BTW good participation in the crop on your own. Hoping we can do it all together next time!

just call me jo said...

I'm headed to Idaho in December. Hope to see a little snow then. That should be enough. This weather is heaven right now. Come on down. I'm back in the blogosphere. I found my voice again, such as it is.