Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colors of Arizona - 2

First of all, a big thank you to daughter Emily for reformatting my blog for me.  I was so frustrated just trying to find Blogger's dashboard that I handed it all over to my creative baby and told, begged, asked her if she could do something, anything, with it.  She did a great job.

Arizona is getting warmer by the day  but we've been too busy so far to heat up the pool and go swimming.  We're planning to take the plunge on Thursday though.  It's supposed to be 29C here by then.

I love color and with my sister, the quilter, here we went to one of the most colorful places in town - Sun Valley Quilts.

The quilted sign hanging inside the store
There were crazy colorful characters strategically placed around the shop...



  1. Bunny

Quilter, Shopper, Sister, Wendy

Guard Dog
There were hundreds of bolts of quilting fabric of every color and pattern....

Reds and Whites

Pinks and Yellows

Fruits and Vegetables
Flowers and Botanicals
Hallowe'en prints
Beautiful Blues
Pretty Purples
 And displays of beautiful quilts.

Unlike Wendy, I didn't buy anything at the quilt store, but I can't say that about our next stop of the day - See's Candy.  The only important color in that store is Chocolate Brown.  Some colors taste better than others, don't you think??


Mickey said...

Gorgeous colours in that quilting store! Unlike you, bet Wendy doesn't buy anything in a scrapbooking store!
Now wouldn't I love to have gone to that next stop with you!
Happy to hear it is warming up!

Ellie said...

Hi Pat, I love wandering around fabric shops with all of the beautiful colours and patterns - it always cheers me up :)
Hee hee I love your thoughts on your 2nd shop - you are right some colours do taste better than others :))

Granny Annie said...

Must have those roosters, must have those roosters, must have those roosters.......

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

My mom was just asking me for my opinion on what color to trim the quilt she is making with. I see it in the yellows and pinks category! Better send her to Phoenix! And she can see her sisters in Surprise too!