Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great Day With the Kids

Two of our grandchildren and their Dad arrived from Edmonton last night.  This was a special quick trip for them to watch the Edmonton Oilers play against the Phoenix Coyotes tonight.  Eight-year-old Max is a hockey player and his team had just won gold in their league tournament.  This trip to see our hometown heros play our second favorite NHL hockey team in Phoenix was a special treat for him and for his nine-year-old sister, Charlie.

But before the hockey game we had a whole day to fill.  We started by going to Surprise Lake to feed the ducks.

and to play in the playground

and sit and watch the waterfowl glide by

and pose for silly pictures

Then when I couldn't keep them away from it any longer, we went home where they spent nearly two hours playing in the pool.  Although the water was nice and warm, the air was too cold for me to want to go swimming so I sat at the side of the pool and took pictures and kept score during their game of water basketball.

It was fun to watch these kids who, a few years ago, had to be coaxed into the water.  Now they're regular water babies and can't get enough of the pool.

Then, finally, it was time to go to the big game.  The six of us had great seats right behind the Edmonton penalty box.  It turned out to be a very exciting game, with Edmonton winning in overtime 2/1.

The Phoenix Coyotes wearing red and the Edmonton Oilers in white and blue.

Charlie got up to cheer and show off her Oilers pride shirt.  It was surprising how many Oilers fans were at the game, cheering louder and longer than the Coyote fans.

It was a real treat for Max to be at the game with his dad.  They had a great time.

It was so much fun to be there just listening to Max.  He constantly yelled encouragement to his team, commenting on every play that was made.

It was a bit nerve wracking when the Coyotes tied the game up in the dying seconds of the last period forcing the game into overtime, but our boys in blue managed to pull a win out of it and we all went home happy.  What a great game for the kids' first NHL experience.   I was glad to be able to share it with them.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a nice treat to have some grandchildren in for a visit. I imagine they enjoyed the break away from winter and being able to swim too. We have new snow here today.

Mickey said...

Great photos of a wonderful time for Max & Charlie!
They brought our team 'Good Luck'! You & your camera are taking great pics!
Warming up today!

thisisme said...

How lovely to be able to spend that precious time with your grandchildren, and they both look so happy. How wonderful to have a pool to play in. They look very pleased to be at the game!

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Pat

Just popped by to say hello
as I haven't seen you blogging lately.

I hope that all is well with you and your family.

Take care