Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frosty Days

We're in the midst of a cold snap here in Alberta.  There's not a lot of new snow falling to increase the load that's already on the ground, but the severe sub zero temperatures combined with bright blue sunny days makes for good photo ops.

Mickey and I went out on Friday for lunch and a movie and we had to stop in the theatre parking lot to take pictures of the frost laden trees there.

But first, lunch...we went to the Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria...oh so good!  We had a salad of romaine, cranberries, walnuts and bleu cheese

and a small pizza with white sauce, proscuitto, dates, walnuts, brussels sprouts, with a drizzle of honey - incredibly good!

Then we went out into the cold frosty air and took our frosty tree pictures.  I didn't alter the color on any of the pictures - the sky really was that blue.  In Alberta in the winter when you have a clear blue sunny day, it's a sure sign that the air is extremely cold...but so beautiful!

There's no snow on the trees, just frost.  There is snow on the ground'll be there till the end of March and probably into April as well.

I love the lacey look of this tree

I tried to get a close-up of the frost crystals, but I didn't have my camera with me,
just my cell phone.

Another attempted close-up.  You can see (sort-of) the frost crystals on the
branch behind the one I tried to focus on.

And here's Mickey freezing in the cold.
 It doesn't look like we're in a parking lot, does it?  It is, in fact, a large shopping complex (South Edmonton Common), very well laid out with lots of trees and green areas to soften the look of the 'big box' stores.

By the time we watched the movie - Silver Lining Playbook - there wasn't a bit of frost left on the trees - the wind had blown it all off.  So we were glad we stopped beforehand to take the pictures.

Winter does have it's good points.


Mickey said...

Pictures were beautiful and had to be taken before the frost melted. Very pretty and happy we stopped. Love our Fridays! or any day of the week!

Sparky said...
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just call me jo said...

It's even cold here in AZ though it is sunny and much warmer than Canada. We've covered all the trees and shrubs for three days. Ours will probably be the ones that freeze and the neighbor's will be fine. sigh!

Granny Annie said...

This post made me smile. I envy you the day.

RoeH said...

That pizza looks dang good. Bring one down with you next time you come.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully we've had a January thaw here and our snow is gone for the moment. It was warmer last week, but now we are back to below freezing once more. Your pictures are beautiful. Nature can give us some wonderful views. Keep warm!

Bev said...

Pretty!! You know what comes about 90 days after frost like that?? MOISTURE....lets hope its rain:)

thisisme said...

What beautiful photos of those frosty trees, especially as they were only taken with your mobile phone! As you say, nature can be so amazing! The food looked pretty scrummy too!!

Emily said...

oh man that pizza looks good. I still like the potato rosemary one better though. I hope they don't switch the seasonal menu out on me before my 30 day hardass diet is over :)

Kath said...

Beautiful pictures!! I havent taken pictures for a long while. seeing these winter shots makes me want to snap away!!

What a frustration for your daughter with getting her purse stolen! And spendy too!
I will never understand why people can not leave their hands off others property....large or small.

Belle said...

I lived in Calgary for 12 years and I remember those clear, sunny, freezing days! I love frost and snow on the trees - so pretty.