Monday, January 28, 2013

Not the AZ I'm Used To

In the five years we've been coming to Arizona, I've never seen a January this wet and cool (I'd say 'cold', but, well, I'm here to escape the -20+ temperatures of home so to me this is just cool).  In previous years we've been in the pool every day, wearing sandals and cropped pants, never a jacket!  Not so much this year, but still, it's better than driving on icy roads and shoveling snow.  And it's still a nice vacation.

Here's the predominant color this week:

Lloyd and I were in a store and could hear the drum beat of rain on the roof.  When we went outside, this beautiful rainbow brightened the day.

The saguaro cactus in our back yard though looked like it was crying in the rain.

Wendy and Randy left for home yesterday, but before they left we managed to spend almost 15 minutes in the pool.  The water was heated but it wasn't up to it's usual balmy temperature.  Our swim was short-lived.

During a spell between rain showers, Wendy and I went to Surprise Lake and fed the ducks, geese, pigeons, and numerous other birds that hang out there.

And when it was too wet to go outside, we put a couple of puzzles together.  The small one has 1000 tiny little pieces and the larger one has 500 much-easier-to-handle pieces.

And that brought us to the end of the week.  We had a good time with Wendy and Randy and were sad to see them leave....back to the cold and snow that is home.

Sunny days ahead!


Rohrerbot said...

Safe journeys back. It has been extremely cold here! This is the second time in the past couple years that we've had this kind of nasty weather. Oh well, as you's not like snow, but still.....what happened to sunny AZ?:)

Mickey said...

Well we have snow and they say the windchill tomorrow will be -39 below! So balmy mild rains might be better?
Bet they really need the rain too! I read some pretty scarey weather advisory saying how cars can be washed away and to not even
enter a road where there is even a foot of water! Yikes!

Mickey said...

PS just think how lovely the blossoms will be in the Spring with all this lovely rain!

Bev said...

Well any thing is better than this Edmonton weather... I'm heading south in 2 days:)))

Granny Annie said...

That rainbow looks painted on!

RoeH said...

On FEb. 8th my cousin is coming down from Portland, Oregon and she definately wants SUNSHINE! Understandably. I told her I'd do what I could. Us natives love it when it rains here. And those cacti do also. She wants to go down to Bisbee so with all of this rain, the foilage should be looking good on the way down there. I'm going to take her down on the back roads. More pretty desert to see that way.

Holly said...

The rain has been nice but I'm done with it. Looking forward to warmer days. The days are heating up but the nights are getting cooler and back in the 30's again. What was the temp of that water in your pool. I've been sitting under my patio looking at my unheated pool and wishing for warmer days.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you say it is still better weather there than at home. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your stay.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Enjoy the moisture however/wherever it comes.

We are glad that this last bit came in rain instead of snow. Sure makes it treacherous tho. Water over our icy world.