Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Friends

Here we are in Arizona again on the hottest days of the year.  It was 42C today - that's about 106F.

I had a lunch date today with two blogger friends I hadn't met before...Roeann and Larainey.  Roe writes a very entertaining blog about Arizona.  In fact, I'm basing our upcoming road trip on her travels as written up in her blog..  Larainey has a blog about her busy family,  told with her own brand of humor and wit.

Pat, Roeann, Larainie

The hour + drive to Mesa was worth it.  We met at Tia Rosa's - home of authentic Mexican food and great decor.  We had a lovely lunch and visited and talked and laughed for a couple of hours.

Tia Rosa's in Mesa, AZ

The entrance area at Tia Rosa's

Roe taking a picture of a beautifulf tile landscape

A feature wall on the back patio.  The white mist is actually that - on hot days
misters are turned on creating a lovely cool atmosphere.

And finally I met the most popular cat in the blogging world - Hank.  He is often featured in Roe's blogs.  Upon meeting him, he immediately rolled on his back and begged to have his belly rubbed, his beautiful blue eyes expressing his pleasure.  He's a great cat.

The day didn't end until Roe and I had visited some of the beautiful sights around Mesa, but that's a blog entry for another day.  I'm so glad I was able to meet these women who I've 'known' on line for awhile.


Mickey said...

Wonderful meeting online friends!
Love the look of that lovely restaurant! Of course I am wondering what you had to eat at that beautiful place!
None of you look red or the least bit hot with those temps!


The girls are great. I'm glad you met. BUT seeing HANK was the prize. You got to meet him up close and personal. Glad he honored cat traditions and remained somewhat aloof. LOL Mesa sounds wonderful. LOVE all the scenery. Not sure I could handle the heat. 106. That's hot. ENJOY your stay. take care.

Granny Annie said...

Did you gals plan what to wear? Look how beautifully your outfits are coordinated for the photo. My goodness that is so neat the three of you could get together after meeting through blogs.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you all could get together. Looks like you had a wonderful time and the perfect place to meet.

RoeH said...

I don't know about you but after not sleeping well for a couple of weeks, I died last night and enjoyed every moment. :) It was fun. I've got a million things here to show you. LOVE Arizona!

Holly said...

What a great time! Wish I had been able to join you, Roe had invited me but at that time I thought I would be in New Mexico. I love Larainey and Roe and they are so much fun to hang out with. Glad you had a great time.

Magpie said...

These are such precious memories. I love this kind of connection. But I am surprised you're in Arizona at this time of year! :)

Laraine Eddington said...

Lunch was so much fun Pat. It's funny how you can just sit down and fight over chips and salsa like old, old friends. Okay, so we didn't fight, but only because I restrained myself and didn't gobble like I usually do. It was so fun to meet you. Have fun on your northern Arizona road trip!

Denise said...

Hi Pat, just popped on over from
Roe's blog. I have been enjoying her blog for a while now and read about your get-together today. How wonderful and so nice to meet you. You've got a lovely blog and I shall enjoy stopping by again.

Fiona said...

Great to hear that you have met some blogging friends Pat,
that is fantastic.

The photos are wonderful and the cat is adorable.

Have a happy week.


ps I couldn't imagine temps of 42 degrees
it is so so warm in Ireland today and it is about 20!!!!


just call me jo said...

I'd have loved to have been there. Hank is the highlight, for sure. Glad you got to meet those fun ladies. Have fun in your travels.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Awesome!!! Lucky you!! I will have to check out their blogs too!!