Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Epic Sleepover

To use Brooklyn's word, it was an 'epic' sleepover we had last night - me and seven of my grandkids - ages 4 - 9 - got together for our second sleepover and it was soooo much fun!

Practicing the experiments the day before the sleepover
They all arrived around 6:00 pm.  I had set up a coloring station with rolls of coloring paper taped to the table and pots of crayons in the center.  At some time during their stay, each of the kids occupied themselves with good old fashioned coloring.

Charlie, Aidan and Tate
 Then the puzzles were brought out and worked on.

The two year olds, Quinn and Tate, only stayed for an hour or so, leaving with their mothers, under protest.

Some of the kids gravitated to the computer during their stay but there was so much to do that the computer didn't get the workout it ordinarily would have.

Kenzie and Charlie

The first 'real' activity was walking across the street to play at the playground.  They love 'Grammie's playground'.

Back at the house again we dove into our first experiment - making sparkling eruptions in glass vases using baking soda, food coloring, vinegar and glitter.

They loved this activity as you can see from the expressions on their faces.  They worked in teams so we had four 'eruptions'.

Kenzie and Charlie did theirs first - Kenzie has just added the vinegar - look at all those bubbles!

Next, Sydney and Brooklyn did theirs.  Brooklyn added the glitter and then Syd poured the vinegar in.

Then Max did his while sister Charlie 'supervised'.

And finally Elly and Aidan had their turn.  The 4-year olds sat on the table so they could reach things more easily.
After the excitement of the sparkling eruptions ended, we decided to see what would happen if we microwaved a small bar of Ivory Soap.


It was lovely and puffy and dry.  The kids broke pieces off and marvelled at how big that little bar became.  Aidan asked several times, "Can we eat it?"  I guess he thought it looked like whipped cream and should have been edible.  I let him break off a piece and he washed his hands with it.

So then someone wondered what would happen if we put food coloring and sprinkles on top of a bar of soap and then microwaved it.   So we had to try it to find out.

Well, it really puffed up but as you can see from the right side, the glitter and food coloring stayed intact and didn't mix with the soap at all.   An interesting lesson learned.

All this activity was making up a bit peckish to I told the kids we'd make our own ice cream while waiting for out pizza and wings to be delivered.

Here Brooklyn is seen shaking the bag of cream inside a larger bag of ice and salt.  Each of the kids took a turn shaking the bag and I was left to finish off the final five minutes of shaking.  I won't double the recipe next time!

The kids were amazed at how good our home-made ice cream was, as each took a turn (and a clean spoon) getting a taste of it directly from the bag.

Then our pizza arrived at we had a quiet time watching Puss in Boots and eating pizza and wings.  It must have been close to 10:00 by this time but no one seemed to be feeling tired yet - except Grammie!

One more experiment, after the movie was over and food devoured.  We tried to make 'fairies in a bottle' but it flopped and our 'fairies' were more like ugly trolls.  The kids didn't mind though because after all, the jars did glow!

Production line for the 'fairies/trolls'.  Gotta shake those bottles.
 Our final activity before heading to bed was blowing up the glow-in-the-dark balloons.  The kids loved these and took them down to the dark basement and played hide and seek with them.

Here they all are, ready for bed and playing with the balloons.

Finally, by 12:30am, they were all down and asleep with the balloons by the beds as night lights.  I was too wired to sleep and too tired to do anything else so I just lay in bed listening for any sounds from the sleeping kids.  The last time I looked at my bedside clock it was 3:15.   Then just before 6am I heard a crash!  Aidan had got up to go to the bathroom and banged into something.  That did it - we were both up for the day! so we went downstairs and snuck a cupcake while nobody was around.  (no lectures on nutrition please - this was a party!)

By eight everyone was downstairs and feeling hungry.  I filled them up with bacon, pancakes, chocolate milk and orange juice.

Our final activity, which they did one at a time as they woke up and made an appearance, was to make bottle cap fridge magnets to take home.  I had printed out a bunch of pictures of them previously, small enough to punch 1" circles of their heads.  We glued the pictures into the bottle caps and added a magnet to the back and put them on the fridge.

I made one for the younger siblings who couldn't attend the sleepover and when the kids were picked up around 10 this morning, we gave their mothers a little baggie with their fridge magnets in.

And now the sleepover is just a pleasant memory, and this exhausted Grammie is going to have a nap!

Have a nice weekend and Father's Day.


Ellie said...

Wow, what a great night you all had. No wonder they all love their gran you thought of some wonderful things for them to do. Lots of lovely happy faces they obviously all had a ball.
I bet you are exhausted today though. Have yourself a nice easy day today :))

Delena said...

You and I are so much alike. Grandchildren are the centre of our universe. I love when they come for sleepovers with their laughter and their stories and their creativness. I may get physically tired but never mentally!

RoeH said...

Well, next time I want a sleepover, I'm comin' to your house! That looked fun. I would love to have all the grandkids at my house. It'll never happen in my lifetime. When my kids move away, they move away - that is - and never come back to visit. I'm used to it now. :)

Amy said...

It was a hit! I hope you're in bed as I write this. Good news for me -- my kids get to go to bed early tonight, too!

Mickey said...

I even loved trying out some of those experiments at your place. They were awesome thanks to PInterest!
One day we'll be trying them.
Rest up, your busy life continues you busy Grammy!

Fiona said...

Beautiful children Pat
you are a lucky Grandma
and they are lucky to have you.

Happy Sunday

Fiona x

Granny Annie said...

Good for you and your excellent organization! A historic visit the kids will remember always.

Anonymous said...

I wish my Granny MacKenzie had been like you - unfortunately she was a bad-tempered little old lady!!
A bar of soap in the microwave ..... I might have to try that (but inly whenMalcolm isn't there!!)


My Lord what a sleepover, indeed. You are the BESTEST Grandma ever. What clever, inventive activities. Those smiles on everybody's faces were priceless. I'm glad you had so much fun. PS) HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all the men in your life who are daddies.

Magpie said...

Girl! You sure know how to party! I know all your grandkids loved their time with you and each other. It's nice to have cousins spending time together and making memories. You get an A+, Grandma!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

WOW!! You are an amazing gramma!!

I will be signing up for your Gramma Sleepover!! Hint. Hint.

Loved all the pictures too!

sara said...

What a fun time! Kids were soooo tired the next day :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks Grammie. Brooklyn couldn't wait to go and would have to agree with your assessment EPIC.