Monday, June 11, 2012

Show and Tell

While in Lethbridge last week, Mickey and I spent considerable time scrapbooking  We set up our stuff on my large table in the sunny dining room and just left it there the whole time we were there.  When we needed to eat we cleared two individual spots for our plates to sit, and quickly cleared the dishes away when we were finished.  At the end of the week, Mickey had completed well over 30 layouts while I plodded along at my usual slow pace and completed 11. 

Here are a few of mine from the week.

Kenny's first school picture - Kindergarten

Elly and Grammie - I chose the orange theme to match her hair

The Woolf Family - daughter Amy, her husband and kids

I really got the shot of this layout crooked. Amy reminds me of my mother in this picture.

I found the perfect paper for my hummingbird pictures

Finally got Quinn's 1st birthday scrapped.  She'll be 2 in July.

Love this picture of Quinn when she's full of cake.

Lloyd and I in Goldfield, AZ in February.  Sister and BIL in the bottom picture.

Wendy and I with our new beaux in Scottsdale, AZ in Feb.


RoeH said...

Love the pics in Goldfield. You really got around when you were here this time. Lots more to see.

Mickey said...

Pat it's the quality not quantity! Love all your layouts so lovingly created! I had a wonderful time. The sb retreats we've shared have always been the best! Hope we can keep having them regardless of the miles between us!
Sure going to miss you.

Magpie said...

You obviously have a lot of fun with this hobby and enjoy spending time with Mickey. That's what life should be about.

Ellie said...

You made some lovely pages, you obviously pyt a lot of love and attention to them. :))
I'm so glad you liked the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant cd. I love every single song on it - that doesn't happen often.

Amy said...

Love them! Especially the ones of that adorable Woolf family. (By the way, I love hearing that I resemble even a little bit to your beautiful mother).