Monday, June 4, 2012

A Few Days in Lethbridge

The day after arriving in Edmonton from Arizona, I had to drive down to Lethbridge to be here when the workers convert a largish coat closet to a pantry in our house down here.  Since Lloyd had to head north to work, and since I didn't want to drive 5 hours to Lethbridge by myself, Mickey came down with me and we planned to spend a few days scrapbooking and relaxing.

Mickey hard at 'work'.

So far, so good.  Mickey got eight layouts done the first day - I got one done.  *sigh*  Sometimes I am just so slow.  Then, we went to check out the only scrapbook store in town just to find out that it was in it's final stages of closing out - and there is no sign of another scrapbook store to take it's place.  Makes me think I'm making a mistake moving down here next month.  *sigh*, again.  The good thing is that we were able to take advantage of the clearance prices on all the stock.

The carpenter came yesterday to 'tear down' the closet before doing the installation of the pantry shelves.  There was some drywalling involved to repair flaws and holes from the rod and shelf that had been part of the closet.  As he was leaving he suggested that I might want to paint the walls of the closet before he comes back tomorrow to install the pantry.  OK I said.  Then I went on a search in the garage and basement for some leftover paint, a paintbrush and a roller, all of which I was able to find.  It took Mickey and I less than an hour to get the walls painted but in the process I ruined a blouse and a pair of jeans because I kept backing into the wet paint in the small space.

Painting is such fun!
Nick will be back tomorrow to finish the job and I'll finally have a place to put my seldom used but still needed kitchen implements, packages of food, etc. what don't fit in my kitchen cupboards.

Lloyd and I missed our grandson Kenny's 6th birthday the other day so our son Mike and DIL Avril brought the kids over for a small birthday barbeque party for Kenny.  That was a lot of fun.  We haven't been able to be a big part of these grandkids' lives because we only see them a couple times a year, but once we move down here next month we'll see much more of them. 

The boys helped peel the corn

We filled our plates with corn, hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad and cheesies. (Mike did the barbequeing).

Kenny blew out his six candles

And loved his Star Wars lego set, while Hannah dug for the birthday card

Hannah tucked into her cake like there was no tomorrow

Avril and Hannah played with the pinwheel from the top of the cake

Then the whole family settled in to put the kit together - Alex seems to have inherited his Dad's ability to follow instructions and put things together.
So, all in all, it was a pretty good day.  I love seeing my kids interact with their own families in such a sweet manner.  Mike is one of my 'little' kids, being #5 of 7.  It's hard to imagine them sometimes being all grown up with babies of their own.  Makes me proud.



Our babies grow up so fast, don't they? What a lovely family. Kenny is quite handsome. I'm glad you got to celebrate with the birthday boy. Hannah looks like me devouring that cake. LOL It's a shame about ruining your clothes. One reason I hate to paint. sad about the scrapbook store. you have two choices. Open your own???? Or buy your supplies online??? take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would love a pantry cupboard like that. I have a small one in my kitchen, but things are always overflowing to the countertops here. How one person can use so much stuff is a wonder to me. Glad you got some fun times in with the scrapbooking and the birthday party. Yes it is fun to see our children in the role of parents. It's fun too to be a grand'ma' .

RoeH said...

I went into the scrapbook store here in Mesa a few days ago and even it has gone down in the 'stuff' for scrapbooking and is into material yardages. And great ones, too. Wish I sewed.

RoeH said...

I went into the scrapbook store here in Mesa a few days ago and even it has gone down in the 'stuff' for scrapbooking and is into material yardages. And great ones, too. Wish I sewed.

Granny Annie said...

Well you already got my shopping:)

The children "shucked" the corn they did not peel it:)

Magpie said...

That corn looks delicious! I'm glad you'll be able to spend more time with your grandkids.