Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hubbell Trading Post

I realize I've probably bored you all to death with my Arizona Road Trip (notice I let those three words out of my title today - that's so I'd lure you in thinking it was something different!), but even though I'm home now I have to share a special place with you.

As we were driving through Granado we spotted a sign directing us to the most beautiful historic preserve I've seen.  The Hubbell Trading Post was the center of commerce in the high desert, next door to the petrified forest, and in the middle of the expanded Navajo Nation.  It's founder, John L. Hubbell, was one of the most respected traders of his day, even going so far as opening his home to the victims of the smallpox epidemic in the late 1800s.  He became the first Senator of Arizona when it became a state in 1912.  Here is his trading post.

Inside the main room

Woven baskets on the ceiling of the second room

The front of the trading post with a petrified wood chair

The naturally formed petrified wood chair

Inside the livery and stables

The wagon wheel

The guest house (hogan) that J. Hubbell built to accommodate guests to the trading post

The overgrown gazebo

A look inside the gazebo - you can see the hogan through the window.

I'm not sure what this is - I thought bird houses but on closer look, it's wired for power.  Probably held lanterns so the outside could be enjoyed after dark back in the day.

I loved this spot and would like to go back some day.  I can't promise that this is my last post about our Arizona road trip - which only took two days by the way - but I'll try to move on now that I'm home.



What an interesting site. I LOVE the gazebo and post with lanterns. And I'm thrilled you're posting pictures of your excursion. take care.

Fiona said...

Love the photos of the old stable,
cart wheel and the wonderful wooden chair, all fantastic.

I am glad you are posting your great photos too.

Have a great week

x Fiona

RoeH said...

I love that place. I could stay a week there. So interesting. Glad you got to see it.

Granny Annie said...

I have enjoyed your sharing this trip very much! Wish my parent's were living because I think they would tell me that we had been there in my childhood.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have not been bored at all and have enjoyed your adventures there and loved seeing all the sights. Glad you are home safe and sound and won't mind if you find more about the trip to share. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

Kath said...

LOVE "travelling" along with ya!!

Belle said...

I loved these photos enlarged. It felt like I was right there. I think places like this are fascinating.

Ellie said...

I could never get bored of your posts. I love to read and see pictures of places I will probably never see. Keep 'em coming that's what I say :))
This looks like a fascinating place to visit.

Magpie said...

Never apologize! I love all your posts. I have never been here before. Something to add to my list.

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