Sunday, August 22, 2010

AZ Favorites

In the almost two years that we've been coming to Surprise, AZ, we've done a bit of exploring in our little corner of this beautiful state. Here are my favorite places, so far.

Tombstone, where we saw a reenactment of the gunfight at the OK Corral

The Phoenix Zoo, with granddaughter Charlie riding a camel.

Lloyd's favorite place for buying golf paraphernalia and using the driving range.

Anyplace where we can buy See's chocolates...yum!

Kohl's, one of many, where we do a lot of shopping. Charlie, Elly and Max are often in Arizona with us.

The old goldmining town at the Superstition Mountains.

The Superstition Mountains on a clear day.

The amazing town of Jerome, up a winding mountain road, full of haunted buildings and peopled with artisans and craftsmen.

Sedona - beautiful resort town in the red hills. (Mickey and Charlie)

The Wilderness Park Zoo about a 5-minute drive from our place in Surprise. That's me with grandkids Elly, Charlie and Max

Montezuma's Castle in Camp Verde - the most peaceful place I've been.

White Tank Mountain - a 10 minute drive from home - where we walk the Waterfall trail. Thats my sister Wendy, and friend Mickey, taking a rest. Top picture is Lloyd with grandkids Charlie and Max at the base of the dry waterfall at the top of the trail.

Wickenberg - a restored gold mining town - lots to explore. Randy and Wendy went there with us when they came to visit.

The hockey arena in Glendale where we watched the Edmonton Oilers beat the Phoenix Coyotes. The Coyotes are our second favorite NHL team, after the Oilers of course.

And our favorite place of all - our back yard and the pool where we've spent so many pleasant hours!

Tomorrow is our last full day in Surprise this trip. We're leaving Tuesday for the 2.5 day road trip to Oliver, BC to visit daughter Mary and SIL Greg and grandkids on our way home. We'll be sorry to leave this most peaceful relaxing vacation we've had in a long time.


Jane said...

This looks like a wonderful and fun place to visit. Good luck on your trip to BC - be careful!


Chatty Crone said...

Looks like you picked a great place to have a vacation and there was so much to do and see there and when you needed to relaz - it was there too.

Have fun in BC.


Emily said...

Have fun in Oliver!

Mickey said...

Brings back wonderful memories! Love it all too!