Monday, August 23, 2010

Driving the Heat

Today, our last day here, Lloyd finally got his golf clubs out and we went to the driving range so he could hit a few balls while I sat on a bench in the shade and read. The set-up there is quite nice. The golfers are in the shade while they're hitting, although when it's 108F out there the shade isn't at all cool. See the mountains in the background? The Valley of the Sun is surrounded by them. Low and different from our Alberta Rockies, but very pretty and interesting.

The coolest thing though is something that we also saw at a couple restaurants that had patio service. The fans, like the one below that was facing Lloyd and a few feet higher than his club would hit,

were equipped with water sprayers. If you look carefully you can see the mist generated by the eight little water nozzles that produce a fine cooling mist without leaving you wet. A nice courtesy for the clients, although when it's 44C out there, a little mist, although nice, doesn't lower the temperature much. A nice touch though.

We've learned to drink water...lots of in the summer. It's the only beverage that does anything to quench your thirst. We've also learned that this is the monsoon sunny days with thunderstorms at night. And, it's not a dry heat during the monsoons. It's humid! I'm melting! It's great to be here though and get a feel for what it's like in the 'off' season.

Heading north tomorrow.


Lucy said...

Have a safe trip back and come back soon. I'm envious. I miss the Rocky Mountains.

Jane said...

Be careful heading home! Enjoyed your posts about AZ.


Kath said...

Stay cool!!!

Beautiful header pic!

mickey said...

Safe trip and hopefully a few pics on trip home!