Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stormy Evening

Late yesterday afternoon and evening we were treated to a stormy day, Arizona fashion. It was another really hot day (106F) and when we got home from our excursions I wanted to get in the pool. In spite of having been cleaned the day before, the surface was full of leaves and plant bits. Never mind...I went in anyway.

The temperature dropped rapidly to about 95F and the wind was really blowing a gale through the palms and other trees. I didn't stay in the pool for long.

Awhile later there was thunder and lightning and more wind. The sky was nice to see it dark and cloudy instead of unending blue. was humid! much for dry heat!

This morning we went out and the pool was beautifully clean (it cleans itself automatically overnight), clear and pristine, the trees were still and the sky was beautiful. This picture is Lloyd's view looking up over the pool from the deck chair.

I really love Arizona.


Lucy said...

Wasn't it wonderful?! I was taking a grandchild back to Fountain Hills at the time everything broke and I didn't have my camera. It was so black and pretty over Red Mountain on the way.

Jane said...

I love the view. You have some great pics here - hope you will put a few in a picture frame!


Chatty Crone said...

You are so lucky to have a pool, a pool that cleans itself, and that beautiful view!


Emily said...

storms are nice sometimes. it's been kind of chilly and stormy here lately and I'm enjoying it.

Mickey said...

Loving the pics of the pool and palms blowing! Your trees are so beautiful!
PS I know you love Arizona!! :) Have fun!
I'm cleaning out cupboards!