Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Pair

Remember when I used to blog about the terrible two cousin duo - Elly and Aidan?  Well, they're now three and not quite so terrible.  Good thing, because their younger siblings are getting set to take over.

Aidan's brother, Tate, is now 10 months old and Elly's sister, Quinn, is 8 months old.  They're just beginning to be aware of one another and if they're anything like their older mentors, the families better prepare for more havoc.

Today Amy offered to take Elly with her and Aidan to a toddler's event at the amusement park at West Edmonton Mall if I would take care of Tate for her.  So I had the pleasure of watching my youngest grandchildren interact (or not) with one another and become aware of each other for one of the first times.

Tate is willing to share his toys with Quinn.

Snack time - poor Quinn is recovering from an eye infection and it still looks pretty sore.

Tate introduced Quinn to his St. Bernard brother, Bernie.

They emptied the toys out of the plastic bin, turned it over, and banged on it together.

And more sharing.


Anonymous said...

"they're now three and not quite so terrible"
My laundry room would beg to differ.

mickey said...

Love their cheeks! So very cute!