Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forty Years and Counting

Forty years ago tomorrow (March 27, 1971) I married my best friend.

We both knew it was the right thing for us to do. We were the ripe old ages of 21 and 22 with our whole lives ahead of us, just waiting for us to fill with adventures, love, and come what may.  We had known one another for seven years by then - his sister was my best friend before I ever met him.

The first picture of us together - we're probably 16 and 17.
Getting married was the best decision either of us ever made.  We've had our adventures which led us from one end of Canada to another, and from north to south of this beautiful country, and through a lot of the US.  At this point in our lives we are pretty much where we want to be, just putting in two more years till Lloyd retires.  We've accomplished a lot, had a lot of kids and grandkids, and are enjoying being 'just us' right now.  I can't imagine spending all that time, and more to come, with anyone other than Lloyd.  It sounds trite to say that we're soul mates, but we have a deep abiding connection and a love that has seen us through the trials of life and left us laughing.  We are truly 'Lloydandpat' - for all our individual differences (he likes golf, I like scrapbooking) we are One.

Self portrait by Lloyd - 2009

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, the kids are sending us to Las Vegas for a few days.  We leave today.  I'm not taking my laptop with me so won't be posting any blogs till we get back.  Here's a few pictures of us over the years.

Winter 1977 a few months before Mike was born.


Planning our future - Feb. 1971
Coloring at Christmas 1971 - 2 months before our first baby was born.

One for each of us - 1973

Family portrait 1980 - 6 years before Emily was born.

All seven kids - 1986

1996 - 25th Anniversary at West Edmonton Mall


1991 - Kids getting as big as their parents.


1986 - first family portrait with all the kids.


1985 - Washington, DC

2005 - Taylors Head Beach, Nova Scotia

2005 - Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia

2005 - Portrait by Sara


Anonymous said...

My name is Lloyd MacKenzie and I hereby certify that the statements made in this blog are true, verfiable and forever enscribed on the walls of my heart. In other words, I really love this gal totally.

Chatty Crone said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you. Hppy anniversary to you - happy anniversary dear Pat and hubby ....
Happy Anniversary to you!


JQ said...

Something about your banner picture makes me think of American Gothic -- in a good way. And I can tell in the "one for each of us" pic that you'd rather be holding Rob. HA! Happy Anniversary.

Michael MacKenzie said...

The picture on the wall behind you in the 1977 picture is now hanging on my wall.

Mickey said...

Your blogs are fabulous! Happy anniversary! Organized photos of your journey! Awesome! My wish! That dark maternity dress is identical to one I had around the same time!