Monday, March 21, 2011

Warm and Welcoming

The move is completed...well, except for the final organizing of possessions.  But everything is in its assigned room just waiting to be sorted and rearranged.  We had some great many people to thank.  This is when a support group of family and friends really comes in handy, although I wouldn't want to tax their friendship/relationship this way very often.

This feels like a warm, welcoming, happy place for Lloyd and I to stay until he retires.  There's so much natural light here...very different from the basement suite we just left.  If I get nostalgic for basement living, I'll just go down to the guest room in our basement until I come to my senses!  I can have a living plant here and not worry that it'll die from lack of sunlight. I can see what the weather is like before I head out the door! I have a large sunny scrapbooking room and Lloyd has a large office (which I'll use as much as he will).  It just feels good here. 

It was a hard move, but worth the effort.  I didn't take any pictures to share because it would just be pictures of boxes and messes.

Nothing more to report right now.  I'm working at organizing our home office right now and the computer was just too close and available for me not to take the time to dash off a quick blog entry.  Back at it now.


Mickey said...

((((smile))))!! Be over soon to help unpack!

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Hey if I was there, I'd pitch in and help. Not that I love moving....but anything for a party! :)

Chatty Crone said...

You were busy moving last weekend - good luck and enjoy your new home. sandie

Kath said...

Enjoy the new home!! Hope you get lots of sunshine to enjoy!!!