Friday, March 11, 2011

Time To Go

We're catching the 7:00 flight home tonight.  That means today is a busy one - packing, sorting, repacking, last minute shopping, final swim, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, packing, changing beds, final trip to Chipotles, closing down the house, and shuttling off to the airport at 5:00.

It's sure been a fun, relaxing, productive week.  Between us Mickey and I created 27 scrapbook layouts and one mini-album.  We ate at all of our favorite restaurants - some of them more than once or twice.  We scrapped in our pjs, not getting dressed till noon on some days. It wasn't unusual for me to get up at 5:30 am only to find Mickey working away on layouts on the dining room table.  We had no schedule except for our own, no one to answer to except ourselves.  This is what vacation is all about for two grammies.

Tomorrow we'll be back to reality.  Which for me means packing up everything Lloyd and I own at our current apartment and moving to a larger, above ground (as opposed to basement suite), duplex a few blocks away.  Instead of retiring and moving to our home in Lethbridge this spring as originally planned, Lloyd has renewed his contract with the NPTC for another two years.  Since the thought of living in our daughter's basement suite, nice as it is, is rather depressing (no natural light, steep stairs, etc.), and since she needs the space for her growing family (4 kids), our move works out for all of us.  We're just not looking forward to the work involved in the actual move.

Anyway, here's a recap of our week of relaxing in the midst of a very busy month.

We ate, and ate, and ate.  These are burgers at Carvers, but we also went to Paradise Cafe, Macayos and Chipotles.

We scrapbooked - any time of day - sometimes starting at 5:30 am

We took pictures - Mickey's are the best.

We posed for pictures.

We interacted with the butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion at Desert Botanical Gardens

We met new critters.  This one was at the Botanical Gardens but we had our own little guys - we saw four at one time - on our brick walls around the yard.  They'd come out when we were in the pool.

We explored new places - Desert Botanical Garden.

We watched from the pool while these two little birds built a nest in our Joshua tree.

We went swimming - a lot.

And now we're packing for home, but we have lots of pictures to help us remember our March break, Grammy style.


Chatty Crone said...

Be safe coming home and glad you had a great time!


JQ said...

Looks so nice Mum. Everyone's excited to see the yard-lizards.