Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movin' On Up...

Now that I'm all relaxed from a week of hanging out in sunny Arizona with my best friend, Mickey, I'm rapidly becoming stressed again this week by packing, sorting and getting ready to relocate this weekend...and Lloyd is out of town at a business conference until Friday!

We've been living in a basement suite in our daughter's home for three years now.  It was a win/win situation. We had recently sold our big house to another daughter and her husband and had moved into a condo.  Condo living didn't agree with us, and when Amy and Curtis bought their house he was just starting out as a chiropractor and money was tight.  We relieved some of their financial burden by paying rent to them and we had a nice little suite with three, then four, grandchildren overhead.  Now that Curtis' chiropractic business/wellness center is doing so well they don't need the rent income as much as they need the space for their growing family.  Lloyd and I had also decided that we needed to live above ground where we could have the benefit of sunshine and natural light and more space to spread out.  So we've rented a two story duplex in a lovely neighbourhood just a few blocks from where we are now.  We had considered moving to our home in Lethbridge, but with Lloyd having two more years on his contract up north (an 8-hour drive from Edmonton) we decided to stay here in Edmonton rather than increase his commute to 13 hours.  This is our 24th move in 40 years of marriage.  Life has been a grand adventure so far. We hope we have just one move left - down to Lethbridge when we retire.

With Lloyd away this week it has fallen to me to pack.  It's surprising how much stuff can accumulate in a small apartment in three years.  So, with Mickey's help, I tackled the most important stuff first...my ton of scrapbooking supplies.  No easy job!  I couldn't have done it withour Mickey's help.  Boxes upon boxes of paper, punches, paper,  embellishments, paper,  tools, paper, stamps, cardstock, albums and adhesives all had to be carried up steep basement stairs!  We filled the back of Mickey's van and the trunk and back of my car and made the short drive to my new place.  What took us a couple of hours to load only took us 15 minutes to unload.  My new scrapbooking room is large and sunny and bright.  I'm looking forward to organizing it after the rest of our furnishings and stuff are moved over on the weekend.

Lloyd has leased a truck for the weekend so we can do the move in one trip.  And we've engaged the help of sons and sons-in-law and their friends to help with the heavy lifting so hopefully everything will go smoothly (she says, not really believing that a move ever goes very smoothly).

So this week is a busy one, between caring for four of my grandkids during the day and packing and moving things at night, I probably won't have time to do another blog entry until next week.

And that's my life this week. 


Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Packing and moving is never easy. Although I'd like to make one last move and that is anywhere. Much as I love this desert and Arizona, I don't like this place where I live and the HOA problems that come with it. I would live in a tent before I would ever be part of an Home Owners Association again.

Wendy said...

I don't envy you! I hate moving, although I know it's inevitable sometime in the next 2-10 years. (How's that for pinning it down!) We've been in this house for over 18 years, so this year I'm undertaking a purge of every room - giving away, throwing out, and selling all the 'stuff' that's no longer used. Of course, that doesn't apply to my quilting room - everything there is necessary!!
Call me when you want a break from packing.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - can't say much for moving - but hopefully you will love it there - and then just one move - not sure where or what that is though.


JQ said...

I didn't know you were moving stuff already, all on your own. What a mummie!

Mickey said...

The first part was kind of fun on Sunday. Creating such a lovely space in your home for scrapbooking is a priority!
Want to help more so let me know when!

Kath said...

Smooth sailing this weekend!!! And on settling in at your new place.
I would not know where to begin packing here after finally being settled at one place the past 15 years. Tho I do hope to move from Tiny Forgotten Town once the kids are out of the house. (Boo hoo....thats in a few short years!)