Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Weekend in Lethbridge

This past weekend Mickey and I went to Lethbridge to watch her granddaughter's Cheer team compete in the Provincial championships.

The cheering Grammies

 It was a fun time watching all those girls perform, creating human pyramids - so much energy! 

 Wynne's team won gold in their division so it was well worth the 6 hr drive to be there.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Mickey and I spent our time scrapbooking. 

I finally finished a scrapbook of Kenzies 3rd birthday party. She's 8 now and was really pleased when I gave it to her.

I just tested the Comments section.  For some reason it's not allowing comments. I'll try to fix it later.


Sara_HB said...

I'd like to see the 3rd bday scrap.

Sara_HB said...

comments are working for me!
And yay for Wynne!

Mickey said...

Comments working today!
Wasn't it a fun weekend even with the bad travelling weather! I'm so very proud of
Wynne. They seem to improve each time I watch them. Next one is at WEM. And scrapbooking is always great to get back to. Just love scapbooking our grandchildren don't we?

Kath said...

I bet attending the competition was fun! I have never been to one but do like watching them on tv -while gnawing on my nails when they throw them!
Looks like some gnarly weather there! :(
To cheer you (tho you are much farther north) but bloggers in Ohio and Colorado both said then already seen robins!! YAAAY! Some day soon we will see them too!!
I have had alot of trouble leaving comments on here! Hope all problems are solved for you.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey congrats on the cheerleading and the scrapebook. Sandie

Mickey said...

Just have to add the messy hair in first pic is due to 80 km winds and no mirror!

Anonymous said...

DS Mackenzie? My old school! (one of many) Go DS!! - Mary