Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bad Stuff...and then...Fun With the Kids

Mike and Avril and their three contributions to our grandbaby pool were coming over for a few hours and a barbeque lunch yesterday.  That's always fun.  These three 'away' grandkids are getting more and more comfortable with us and it's fun to visit with them.  Not that there's any competition....but....they live down here surrounded by their mother's family and their 'other' grandparents...and it's important that we get our time in too.

So first thing in the morning Lloyd and I head out to get some groceries so we'll have something to feed them.  We just drove the big Dodge Ram Laredo around the corner when Lloyd said "It feels like we've got a flat tire".  And sure enough...the rear passenger tire was flatter than flat...a brand new tire, less than a month old.  Not having the back, legs, patience, etc. to fix it ourselves, we called CAA (the Canadian arm of AAA) and help was there in less than 15 minutes.  The friendly young man hoisted, jacked, and had the bad tire off and the spare on in no time, and didn't even break a sweat.  And at no charge to us....gotta love the Automobile Association...we always get our money's worth from our membership.

We took the flat tire to Canadian Tire to be fixed and left it there while we got the groceries and breakfast (McDonald's BLT Bagel...yum) and went home to wait for CT to call and say the tire was ready.  They called all right...but the tire wasn't ready.  We were told that it couldn't be fixed because the sidewall had been slashed.  Slashed!... as in deliberately...with some kind of knife!  Who does that??? The truck was in our driveway in the back lane all night.  Some people are such jerks.

So Lloyd had to go to Fountain Tire because Canadian Tire doesn't carry the kind of tire we needed.  The end of the story is that we have a new tire on the truck.  We haven't checked yet this morning but hopefully all four tires are still intact.

Then Mike's family came.  Such sweet kids...Kenny, Alex and Hannah Rose.  While we waited for the hotdogs and hamburgers to be ready, I fed them raw veggies (they all loooove broccoli and carrots) and Cheezies.  I showed them how they can look like walrusses by sticking the curled cheezies under their lip.  That's the kind of stuff Grammies are supposed to teach the kids you know.

Alex and Kenny with walrus tusks
Have some celery Grammie

We had a good time together playing Angry Birds on my iPad and croquet on the back yard.  Then when they were good and tired, they had to go home.

Fun times.


Chatty Crone said...

Kids can always make troubles go away!

Bouncin' Barb said...

One phone call from my girls and I smile the rest of the day. They are on vacation at the Jersey shore this week. I was hoping to get up there for it but it wasn't meant to be. :-(

Thisisme. said...

Happy times indeed with the grandchildren, but a bit of a bummer about the tyre. That's just not funny! Lovely photos, and the little ones are really cute!

Michael MacKenzie said...

It was a nice visit, even if it was too brief.

just call me jo said...

Dang crazy people. Why would they do that? I suppose you had no recompense for the tire. Insurance never covers enough after deductible. Glad you had a good time with the grands.

Sush said...

Nothing like time spent with loving grandchildren to offset boring tools.
Glad the day was redeemed...hope the tire slashers get their just do in spades.


Mickey said...

Sorry about the tire. Hopefully it was a one time thing! Always wonderful to visit Grandkids!