Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Musings

I have nothing specific to blog about today so I'm following the example of bloggy friend, Jo, and will just do a pictureless list. (well, maybe a picture or two if I can find one)

1.  Isn't it clever marketing or design or something when Michael's craft store is situated right next door to a big golf store.  Whenever Lloyd wants to buy a box of balls, or clubs or something, he asks me if I need anything at Michaels, knowing I'll jump at the chance to go with him.  He parks midway between the two stores, we go our separate ways, and meet back at the truck.  Clever, clever designers.  And no-guilt shopping for both of us.

2.  I went to a Cirque Soleil show last night with my son and his daughter.  Originally I was supposed to babysit with his son while his wife and he took Brooklyn to the show, but Cindy and her co-workers were given tickets and seats in the executive box for Thursday night, so Rob invited me to use her ticket with him on Friday.  The three of us had a good time - the show was lovely.  I've been to two Cirque Soleil shows in Las Vegas and fell in love with them.  This one, although on a smaller scale as a touring show, was equally as impressive as the Vegas one...and more fun that babysitting.  Thanks Rob.

3. As I sit here, it's pouring rain and windy outside my window.  The way this summer is going, for every hot sunny day, we get an equal number of rainy, cool days.  Variety is the spice of life.  I like the cool days too.

4.  The Royals have left Canada - by all reports their visit here was a huge success.   I remember when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Halifax when we were living there, there were huge crowds out to see them.  Unfortunately the outdoor area they were visiting was on the route I had to take from our town of Fall River to the Hospital in Halifax where I was desperately trying to take my son, Rob, doubled over in pain with a rupturing appendix.  Traffic was horrendous.  We made it though and poor Rob had his emergency surgery, followed by a 3-day fever and spent almost a week in the hospital.

5.  Mosquitoes this year are wicked - there's so much rain and standing water that I heard the larvae from 10 years ago is hatching!  How can that be?  They don't seem to like biting me (my skin is probably too tough and bitter!) but they're very annoying and all the little grandkids are covered with red itchy bumps.

6.  Don't you love the ready-made meals you can get at just about any grocery store these days?  I used to cook a lot - you can't have a family of nine without spending half your day in the kitchen, at least.  Now that it's just the two of us, I shop for ready-made quite frequently.  Tonight we're having left-over baked beans (I always make them from scratch) but to go with them I bought a small microwavable potato scallop and a ready-made chicken caesar salad.  Ice cream and store bought cookies for dessert.  Easy-peasy.

That's it for today - no pictures after all.  We're going down to Lethbridge tomorrow, where we don't have internet, so I won't blog again till Wednesday. 



Chatty Crone said...

Your blog is all new and redesigned - nice. And you had 7 children???

just call me jo said...

I love your list. All color coded and everything. Mosquitoes--Argh!! They love my leathery, old and wrinkled skin (blood.) Thankfully we haven't seen many in the arid desert. Though I've heard they have 'em here. Love the Royals. But she's so dang thin... Yeah for ready-made meals. Rain?? Never heard of it. We have mud falling from the windy sky some times. Keep listing. Fun!!

Michael MacKenzie said...

Oh, man! I wish I could go to Lethbridge!

Kath said...

Very clever indeed....they must know you two!!!
Too bad your son had to hurt longer because of visiting Royals.
Mosquitos. Ugh. Thankful they are alot less of them in WY. But our neighbor did have West Nile from them tho. Yikes.
Have fun in Lethebridge. My sister and neices just got back from there.
Did I ever tell you my parents almost moved there in 1979?