Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is  Canada Day - the day we celebrate Canada's birthday - the 144th this year.

Our family within a 100 km radius of Edmonton got together at Amy and Curtis' place for a family pot luck and fun times.  They have such a lovely big yard for the kids to play in.  There were 5 of our kids with their spouses and 15 of our 20 grandkids.  The only ones missing were Mary's family in BC and Mike's family in Southern Alberta.  And they'll all be here in August when we all get together again.

 The kids played on the trampoline...

Jonah, Brooklyn, Kenzie, Elly, Aidan, Charlie

All the little girl cousins loved chasing their big boy cousin, Jonah, around.  Here they are jumping off the trampoline after him.

Elly, Max, Brooklyn, Kenzie, Charlie

Even a 35-year old mother of four found time to show her tricks to the kids...way to go Amy!

Amy, Anson, Sydney, Brooklyn

The kids played in the bouncy castle...


and kept collapsing it and raising it up again...on purpose!

Sam and Sydney

They pretended to be prisoners to humor Grammie's photo shoot.

Max, Micah, Charlie, Jonah, Sydney, Brooklyn, Kenzie 

Amy fed them a Canada flag cupcake cake...

Charlie, Kenzie, Amy, Brooklyn, Elly, Aidan

and Sydney showed off her maple leaf tattoo - temporary, of course.

The three-year olds played in the sandbox - James, Elly and Aidan

 while some of Jenn's boys tried out the swing set...Sam and Nathan

This is Lloyd and me with the five of our kids in attendance

Rob, Pat, Sara, Amy, Lloyd, Jenny, Emily

And these are the in-laws - Curtis, Quincey, Cindy, Allan, Anders.  Can you tell which one belongs to which child of mine?

Four of my five daughters

Emily, Sara, Jenny, Amy

Me, with my oldest grandchild, Jonah, 14 and my youngest, Quinn, 11 months.

Since it doesn't get dark enough here for fireworks until after 11 pm, the party broke up at the kids bedtimes.  Some may have been able to stay up late enough to enjoy the fireworks, but not us old folks.

Happy Canada Day everyone.


rharper said...

What a neat family you have. Grandkids are just the best. Happy Canada Day to you!

Mickey said...

What wonderful family photos! and more to scrap.

just call me jo said...

So much fun and so many family members. I don't know how you do it. Happy Canada Day! Enjoy those little ones.

Chatty Crone said...

You do have a wonderful family.
Happy Canada Day.
Happy 4th too!

JQ said...

Max with the trampoline face-plant. Amy's 36 years old (even more impressive!). And here's to me rockin' the ask-me-if-I'm-adopted look. Great par-tay!

Anonymous said...

cute pics Pat! ~Cindy

Michael MacKenzie said...

I like the height arrangement of the in-laws photo.

Holly said...

Beautiful family! I'll bet you wished you had some festive tassels on your head to wear for the pictures. Miss ya!

Amy said...

That was so much fun! Looking forward to the August get together already! I'm starting to think Syd's tattoo might not be temporary. IT's still in perfect condition on her cheek in spite of scrubbing with soap and water, nail polish remover, make-up remover. Anyone have any ideas?

sara said...

That's why I don't let my kids get those "temporary" tatoos. (they think I'm soo mean)

A Vintage Green said...

What a great Family Day on the 1st. How wonderful to have so many together. What a great celebration. I suspect the kids will never forget the fun they had together. Someone wrote that their family had made the celebrations into "Kids Day" (like a Mother's Day etc idea), special for the kids.
Thanks for following my blog. I'm an old AB grandma, now in BC. Grew up in the Red Deer area.
- Joy

Kath said...

What fun for you all!!
Sorry. I could only match up the obvious one...your son's wife.
I am thoroughly enjoying my blogging break from work!!