Monday, July 18, 2011

Sky Lights

I woke up suddenly about an hour ago (5:30am) to the sound of wind and rain and thunder and the strangest sky color I've ever seen.  I thought at first that there was a fire out there.  My next thought was "get the camera!'...and then "Is it a tornado?".  We've been known to have tornados here in Alberta and this is the month for violent weather.  But then I thought "this'll be my blog entry for today", so I kept taking pictures.  I do have my priorities right!!!  The colors in these photos is natural - just the way they came off the camera.

This first picture was taken through the screen on the window

So was this one.

Then I moved to the other side of the house where the screen was off.

The color changed after about 10 minutes and now the sky is blue with grey clouds, light rain, thunder still rumbling but no wind.  I'm glad I woke up in time to see the eerie colored sky though.

So how did  your day start?


just call me jo said...

That is an unusual color. I've never seen a rainbow with that colored sky. I'm glad it wasn't a tornado. I chuckled how you stayed inside the screen and windows...Didn't want to go out in jammies or afraid of tornado monster? Either way, you're probably safer inside.

Holly said...

Very eerie, indeed.

Sush said...

How beautiful...what a gift! Glad it wasn't violent weather just an unusual morning light.
Thanks for the wondrous sight!


Thisisme. said...

The sky really is a very strange colour there, but what lovely shots you caught with your camera. I'm impressed with you thinking of a blog post at 5.30 a.m!! Is that a rainbow I can see? It certainly looks like it. Anyway, thank goodness it wasn't a tornado!

Desiree said...

As you said, you were lucky to have been awake in order to experience this magical light! It's not a sight one gets to enjoy too often.

Mickey said...

I slept through it! Shucks! Would have been out there with you taking pics!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Sunny, cloudy, sunny, cloudy. We desperately need rain though. Great shots of the rainbow.

Carol Wyer said...

That is a great photo. I got one of an ice cloud rainbow last week but the colours you have captured here are lovely and atmospheric.
I scooted over to say hello from Thisisme's blog and to introduce myself.
After seeing your lovely blog I have signed up to follow you.
It's lovely to 'meet' new people and I see you know lots of the same people as me judging by the comments here. (Hello BB and Desiree - hope you are not causing mischief here too) ;)
Warm wishes
Carol from