Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Treasured Memories

I've rediscovered an old friend...much changed and altered...following a new leader...and thriving! 

When I first started scrapbooking 8 or 9 years ago there was one store in my area that I patronized.  As scrapbooking styles changed and new products were developed, more stores opened and I changed my allegiance from Treasured Memories to another one nearby.  And then I started shopping on-line instead of in the stores.

Yesterday I went back to TM...and I'm so glad I did.  There's just something inspiring and exciting about  handling the papers and seeing all the embellishments in real life. 

But that's not what impressed me most about Treasured Memories.  The father of the new owner is a photographer and antique collector - a very creative man who decorated the store for his daughter.  It's a wonderful place to visit now.

Besides all the beautiful papers and tools and embellishments and stickers and bling, interspersed among the 'working' scrapbook materials are many little surprises.

Right inside the front door there stood an old sideboard/hutch unit, the paint old and rough looking. It was filled with a variety of antiques and antiqued pieces and really set the tone of the store.

There were many different antique cameras on display.  The one shown here is exactly like my first camera, a Brownie Box Camera that took size 620 film.   Mum had used it to take baby pictures of me and my sister and gave it to me when I was a teenager.  Most of my pictures from my teens were taken on that camera - and to think it's now considered an antique!!!

Lots of creative artwork - the kind of stuff scrapbookers like to display.  Isn't this one clever.

There were more antique globes than cameras in the store - I particularly liked this 3 ft. high glass display dome filled with real globes.  It was tucked away in a corner under a display of embellishments.

Of course there was also scrapbooking favorite, shown here, is bling - anything glittery or jewelled or shiny.  I love them on my pages.

This beautiful old wringer washing machine was at the front of the store just in front of the check out.  Its contents change with the seasons and specials.  I remember when I was getting my Girl Guide (Scouts) laundress badge back in 1961.  We all used this type of washer so doing the laundry was a bit more of an art and exercise than it is now.  I loved putting the clothes through the wringer.

On stumbled, literally, on this guy as I was moving down the aisle looking at the display of bling.  He was sitting right there on the floor watching me.  Not your usual scrapbook store display.

This is how the store looks as you walk into it...a wonderfully creative entrance display.

These globes, and more, floated above a display of antique cameras on top of the patterned paper shelves.

This is a closer-up shot of the antique cameras above.

...a beautifully transformed mantle clock...

...and an old Underwood Standard Typewriter.  Thank goodness they were no longer in use when I learned to type - those secretaries from the 1940s must have had very strong fingers.

Even the restroom (La Toilette the sign on the door said) had it's charm.

And it wouldn't be Canada without a moose.

I thought this was so clever.  What a gorgeous spiral staircase.

 A beautiful decorated dressmaker's form - about a foot high.

This was on the top corner of one of the large display cases - I used to collect eggs but never had one this large - with a chicken in it as well.  And another old camera.

 These Mason jars are really old and filled with equally old buttons.  Buttons are a common embellishment used by scrapbookers.  And yet another camera.  After all, what would scrapbookers do if we didn't have cameras to document our every activity.

 And, of course, the store was full of pretty papers, cardstock, chipboard and stuff.  All the antiques were just eye candy.  They sure made the store a fascinating place to visit though...even if you're not a scrapbooker.

And that was my adventure for today.



Anne said...

Ho! what a beautiful antiques.
I do remember how wringer washer and put rubber diapers through that wringer diapers and explodes and I ruined a couple of shirts
Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts?

Holly said...

What a fun place! It reminds me so much of the store right around the corner from my house. It's owned by three women with amazing creativity. Next time you're here, we can head over there.

Roe said...

I love these kind of shops. I may have to take a trip up there. I want to go up to Cornville because when I took the relatives up to Jerome a couple months ago, we went through Cornville and oh my goodness the shops on Main Street!!! And the driver wouldn't stop. I must get back up there. When you come back down, we'll get those 'other Arizona Bloggers' and meet in Cornville on Main.

just call me jo said...

There really is a Cornville? I thought Pat was making fun of your backwoodiness when she mentioned it the first time. Yes, please, let's plan a road trip. Yahoo. That shop is so cute, Pat. Love, love...

sara said...

Laundress badge?? lol
I've definitely not earned my laundress badge yet!

Mickey said...

Wasn't that wringer washer the best fun?! Not sure I got my laundress badge but sure did love helping my Mom. I also loved the rolling iron machine she used. TM is a beautiful store and the product in there almost too tempting for my senses! Great blog Pat! I love your blogs!

JQ said...

Aw, I miss shopping witcha.

Chatty Crone said...

She had a lot of nice antiques there didn't she? That old washing machine - glad I didn't have to use that kind!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a cool shop. I love the moose and the little globes.

NS bloggers? Hmmmm, I haven't been able to find many of them either. Check out the blogs I follow; there are a couple in there -- Alice in Paris and Suzie the Foodie.