Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stuck Up!

What is it about a refrigerator that invites everyone to stick something on it?  the nice broad, shiny empty space?  It's convenient location?  or just because it's there.  Over the years my fridge(s) has had everything from children's art work, reminder notes, pictures, gum, fingerprints, marker scribbles, and who knows what else on it.  I like to think the front of a person's fridge is an indication of what type of person she is...although I could be wrong.  Some people just like to have a beautiful uncluttered surface standing in the middle of their kitchen...sterile and undecorated.  My daughter has a stainless steel fridge to the front of which no magnet will stick.  How awful.  For that reason alone (and the fingerprint issue) I could never willingly have a stainless steel fridge in my house.

Now that I don't have kids at home any more, my fridge art has changed since the school kids days, but there's still some good stuff there.

Here's a peek at what is decorating my fridge these days.  I know you're all incredibly interested in this stuff but hey, it's a slow blog day for me and this is all I've got!!!

I just have stuff on the top portion of the fridge and keep the bottom bare.  The grouping of six business card size photos in the top left has been on my fridge for 12 years.  Three of the pictures were taken at Niagara Falls when we were there on Emily's 13th birthday - she's 25 now but I love those pictures.  The lower left one is of my sister, mother and me at when they came to Edmonton for Sara's wedding 9 years and 4 kids ago.

Here's a close-up of it.

 The frog with flexible arms and legs is a favorite of the grandkids.  They always play with him and put him in different positions - the favorite being the frog doing the potty dance.  The owl is a peg melt craft one of the grands did of one of my favorite things - an owl.

 There are also souvenir magnets of some of my favorite places and things - i.e. Arizona and some saucy women magnets with sayings such as "A clean house is the sign of a wasted life" , "I can only please one person a day and today I'm pleasing me",  and another that says "What if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?"  Oh, and just to show that I can be a little bit cultured, there are three replicas of windows done by Frank Lloyd Wright that we picked up at his famous home in Arizona.

Oh yes, there's also pictures of three of my grandchildren.  There's no rhyme nor reason for which kids get put on the fridge.  I switch them up once in a while.

The front isn't the only part of the fridge to get decorated.  Prominently displayed on the side is a large perpetual calendar that Emily made for me some years ago containing the birthdays and anniversaries of all of our immediate family members.  She even put pictures of the people on.  We've had to write in the new ones as they've been born or joined the family by marriage.  Em will have to make us another one soon as the pictures are sadly out of date.

 And that's it for my fridge decor.  What do you have on your fridge?


Desiree said...

I would not have imagined otherwise in your case, Pat! As an avid and talented scrapbooker, your fridge would have to be an extension of that passion ;)

My fridge is stainless steel, so boring! And you're right, it's a pain to keep shiny :)

sara said...

You're so weird about stainless steel! I don't have any more trouble keeping fingerprints wiped off than I did keeping a regular fridge wiped off. And magnets etc stick to the side of it. I always have kid's artwork stuck to the side of mine :-)
Anyway - my favourite magnets of yours growing up were the chocolate chip cookie that looked real and we all used to take fake bites out of, and the plastic canvas bubble gum machine.

just call me jo said...

That was an excellent and very interesting subject for a blog post. I'm very impressed. Your fridge is really quite uncluttered and controlled compared to some I've seen. I have stainless so, alas, I'm a side mount person also as is your daughter. Of course, I have pictures of grandkids and Gunnar's birth announcement. That's cute that your daughter has favorite fridge magnet memories.

Bouncin' Barb said...

My house looks lived in. I have pics of my granddaughters on the fridge and drawings they made us when they were here 2 years ago. I'm proud to display it. I have a family member who is immaculate with the stainless appliances etc. and I never feel "at home" at their house.

Holly said...

Holy crap! I thought that calendar page was for one month and that you had 32 birthdays in one month. So I blew up the page and studied it (because I must know these things) and saw that it was for the whole year. I feel better.

Kath said...

I too have stainless steel which I LOVE. No magnets on the new one. But we still have our old frig in the laundry room that is plastered with pictures and notes from over 5 yrs ago!
People always comment on the old pictures, artwork, kid's handwriting from years back, etc.
And we have those magnetic words that you make up sayings with.
When I sparkled up my kitchen before heading to WY I realized I forgot to clean the front of the dishwasher. I decided to keep the tiny lil handprints that had it smudged up! So cute!
Now at 9 1/2 months old the lil guy is walking!! Cant wait to get home to see that! :)

Mickey said...

Mine is full of photos! I see all family members looking at them regularly. Lately I put a pic of my sons as babies! One with me and none of the Grandchildren knew who I was Sometimes think I'd like a clear front with no pics but it never happens!

Michael and Hanne said...

Ours is newly clean and pristinely empty ever since we got tired of picking up every time we opened the door! They all got moved to the fuse box cover in the hallway!!

JQ said...

Mine has the one and only MPV certificate from the Alberta Intermediate Reach for the Top competition!

Emtron said...

My fridge is covered in those magnetic poetry things. Also, was this entire post built around guilting me into making a new calendar?

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Everytime I go on holiday I buy a fridge magnet
so mine is covered in thm.

I love looking at them because they always bring me back happy memories.

Yours is lovely Pat.

Anonymous said...

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