Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have a beautiful poppy in a planter outside my patio door.
Yesterday the sun was shining on it, making it glow. 

It is newly opened and the delicate petals still showed
the crinkles and wrinkles of being confined to it's bud pod.

It's stem had crooks in it, as poppy stems tend to have -
and fine hairs -
but it was a strong stem, well able to hold up the delicate flower.

Until a late afternoon thunder shower beat it down
causing it's beautiful head to bow.

I was able to capture the sun shining off the rain drops as they fell - the white streaks in the picture

It's dry and sunny today and the poppy is alive and well,
fully opened though not standing as tall as it was yesterday morning.


just call me jo said...

I so know how the poppy feels--not quite as upright as I could be either. hahaha I love seeing the rain drops. What is rain? I've forgotten. Ahh! I love the poppy!

mickey said...

It was so beautiful from my view while we were scrapbooking! I'm glad you captured it so well!
I just heard out of 3o days in June we had 24 days of rain. Welcome to a sunny August so all flowers can stand tall!

Emtron said...

Pretty! I wish I had more flowers in my garden. I was sticking strictly to edibles and couldn't find some of the ones I wanted to grow. I've got lots of pretty marigolds though.