Thursday, February 9, 2012

Surprise! Lake!

Today I finally found it!  We've been coming to Surprise, Arizona for four years now.  I had heard of Surprise Lake - a blogger friend is always accompanying her husband there when he wants to go fishing - but I didn't know where it was.  I Googled it yesterday - big surprise!  It's five minutes from where we live just a stone's throw away from where Mickey and I parked when we attended the big Surprise Party in December.

Surprise Lake

I had expected woods and trees, fallen logs, bushes and bugs.  Instead, it was a beautiful five acre urban lake - man made I think - in the middle of the city.  It is kept stocked with five or six different species of fish, trout being the only one I can remember.  Boats, swimming and wading are not allowed in the lake but there's nice play areas, a large playground, benches placed around the perimeter of the lake, and a small length of wall.  There were fishermen at the far end of the lake enjoying the peace and quiet while catching their dinner.

People come to the park complex and feed the many types of waterfowl and birds that hang out there.  The birds seem quite unafraid of people and seemed to get uncomfortably close to the little kids tentatively throwing bread at them.

Just a small gathering of quackers and honkers

This one had a beautiful tuft of feathers at the back of her head.

This must be her brother - I wonder who curls their hair
This beauty struts her stuff (or his stuff, I don't know about those things)

While this one does her daily exercises.

Serene and sedate, he patrols the shore

and gets heckled by the lovely non-swimmer

The geese were there trying to intimidate the others with their size.

What are they looking at?  Does someone have bread for them?

The pigeons and doves look for their share of the handouts.

While this one looks on.

Meanwhile, up in the tree, this pair is finding their own food.

Gather around everyone...I have an announcement to make.

Follow your father, dear.

I'll conduct the music...

Or direct the traffic.

I have to get pretty for my big date tonight.

Well, I'm having a bath!

This turtle isn't going anywhere.

And neither is this crocodile.

And no matter how far away he goes, this poor creature just can't escape work.  Poor baby!

So that was my introduction to Surprise Lake.  I think I'll be going there again.  It's a beautiful spot to sit in the sun and watch the activities of the many types of birds...and people.

Enjoying the sun in sunny Arizona.




I LOVE lakes. Their serene beauty trumps all else. Glad you found this little piece of heaven. And only 5 minutes away. What a SURPRISE! LOL The birds photos and captions are delightful. Enjoyed each one. Looks like my hubby, always a cellphone on his ear. Keep having fun and sharing it. Only chance I'll have to visit there, through you. take care.

Magpie said...

I really like all of your pictures, but the one with the black duck with curly feathers on top is a favorite. It looks like that bird is coming in to land on the duck's back. Great catch! I'm glad you found the lake and it does look like a lovely place to go back to.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your lake pictures made for a very pleasant visit for me today. I loved your commentary on the pictures as well.
Being in a warm place with a beach, no matter it was on an inland man made lake sounds to me like the perfect place to be. No sun here today and it is cold with snow moving our way by tonight. You have blessed me with a warm spot in my day!

just call me jo said...

See, I guided you to Pinterest and Surprise Lake. There is so much to do around there--spring league baseball, tennis, pickle ball, the library, a wonderful play ground for children, bar-b-ques, dog parks and much more. Yesterday when I was at the library, I saw a group of young moms doing some kind of exercise by the lake. Surprise really is full of fun places. Many I haven't found yet.

JQ said...

Love the bird shots (as opposed to birdshot)! Those are some crazy geese.

Bouncin Barb said...

I love that this is so close to you and you just discovered it. Woo Hoo! Great pictures and I bet when spring arrives, you'll have even lovlier shots to show!

Ellie said...

What a wonderful place - that water looks so blue.
I love all your bird pictures there sure was a lot of ducks, etc there.

MIckey said...

Wel what a find. It looked like there was more to that area we were in at Christmas! and there was.
We're having a snow storm all weekend so we're hunkered in watching Net Flix.

Chatty Crone said...

Well that was quite a surprise - everything there - loved the animals and everything there. sandie

Anonymous said...

Those photos were amazing. Looks like they should be in a nature magazine. I also loved the ones with the odd doos. - Mary

Flora said...

Great to be south? we just visited a lake by nice to find lakes in the desert!

Anonymous said...

PRETTY! And such a surprise! (pun intended).

What's pickle ball? (aka Jo's post)

Glad you made it down from the great white north to play. I expect to hear about lunches with the girls and such! Enjoy the warmth for me!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place - and I love all your bird photos!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Glad you found this lake it is beautiful. You really captured some great pic's.
Looking forward to getting to know you and being your newest follower