Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage? Me??

For awhile tonight I felt like a little girl again...but then I felt really old!  I like the young feeling better, but the old is kind of cool too.

Before I left Edmonton I found a book of kid's valentines.  The title said they were flocked, vintage valentines.  Strange, but to me they looked like the ones we used to give and receive when we were in elementary school back in the 1950s. 

I had to buy the book and I brought them down to Arizona with me, intending to send them off to my grandkids back in Canada.  Tonight I sat down with scissors, pen and a glue stick to work on my valentine mail.  That's when I felt like a little girl again.

I remember these cards so well.  I even still have some from back then, stuck in a greeting card scrapbook Mum made for me, starting when I was born and lasting halfway through elementary school. How could those cards be called vintage???!  That's when I started to feel old.

Working on the cards tonight brought back memories of decorating shoe boxes with hearts, doilies and stickers to take to school to be used as mail boxes for all the valentines I was sure to receive.  Back in those days, right or wrong, it wasn't the rule that all children were treated equal so some kids got lots of cards and others only got a few - I always hoped I'd get enough so that I wasn't embarassed, and I usually did very well.  A lot of cards were home made - that was always a fun project, and fun cards to receive.  I don't remember any cards being accompanied by lollipops, chocolates or candy of any kind. And there were no cards modelled after television characters or video games!!

Times change, but the fun of giving and receiving these small tokens of friendship, love and humor never changes.  I hope you all get a lovely Valentine's day card this year from someone you love.



Lloyd MacKenzie said...

I would have given you all my valentine cards.

Sara said...

It wasn't the rule when I was a kid either. I'm glad it is now. All kids should feel loved <3
We have some cool valentine making going on at my house this weekend. I'm excited to blog about it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know I'm an antique...most everything I have is vintage for sure. I got my valentines ready to send out too. Some things never do change.

just call me jo said...

I love the idea of Valentine's Day but have some tarnished memories of middle and high school when other girls got flowers and stuffed bears and chocolates and I didn't. There should always be someone who loves you.

Magpie said...

I have Valentine cards that my grandfather received as a young boy. Things were so different back then. This looks like a fun project and one of a kind cards are fun. :)

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Pat,

just admiring your beautiful Quinn,
she is gorgeous!

x Fiona

Chatty Crone said...

I love those cards too - Happy Valentine's Day. sandie

LaelShine said...

I remember those cards, we used them in my day too and I'm 38.
The kids at my daughter's school tease me that I'm old,I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Are they ever in for a surprise,ha!

Mickey said...

I made Valentines with Eamon after school today! We just used scraps as he was dying to work with my sb stuff! They are pretty cute. On teachers he asked if hugs were the x's or the o's as he didn't want to put kisses on hers just hugs! Soon after his mom left he ran downstairs and said "just can't wait Grandma!!" and brought up a Valentine heart box of chocolates! I love Valentines Day through the eyes of a child. I'l l try to write soon!


Such sweet cards. Wonderful sentiments. Memories of a simpler time. I could have written what you wrote. Thanks for expressing the thoughts of so many so well. take care. PS) Did I see a comment from your hubby up there someplace. When cupids arrow struck, you got a GOOD one. What a GREAT guy.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Valentines day at school still bring fond memeories.
This weekend when the family is over we are making valentines for the babies and to send to friends in WI that need a lil love sent their way!!

Granny Sue said...

Oh my, I remember these valentines! Especially the kitten ones. Guess I'm in the vintage basket with you :)