Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day Out With Cath

I have a sister-in-law who lives 500 miles north of me in northern Alberta.  It seems lately that the only time we get together is when we both happen to be down here in Arizona at the same time.  Such was the case this week.  When we realized we were both down here we decided to have a day out together.

So, after I got lost trying to find her place in Sun City, Catherine and I headed straight for Arrowhead Mall in Glendale.  We weren't more than ten steps inside Dillards when we found our first purchases - shoes...comfortable sandals for me and dressy heels for Cath.  I had the salesgirl pack up my old ones and I put my new ones on and wore them for the rest of the day.
Me and Cath holding Cath's new shoes.

Then, still in Dillards, we tried on dresses, shirts and pants and we each came away with several new items of clothig.  The salespeople there were very accommodating and didn't seem to mind taking pictures of the crazy Canadians.

The not-so-fun part, of course, was having to pay for our purchases.

I had the pleasure of introducing Cath to the joys of the See's Chocolate Store.  It's such fun to go there and make up our own box of chocolates from the dozens of different delicious treats available.  And of course, the free samples made our choices easier.  We each filled a half-pound box to take with us.

It wasn't all fun and chocolate though.  As we drove away from the Mall we noticed that the van was making an awful noise.  We finally (half a block away) realized that we had a flat rear tire.  So I turned in at the nearest turn-off which was a Honda dealership on Bell Rd., just 20 minutes before they were closing.  We were taken right in and the service man replaced the broken valve, told us there was no charge for it, and wished us a pleasant day.  We were totally impressed with the service we got, and our van wasn't even a Honda.

I brought Cath back to my place where we showed Lloyd our purchases, told him our tale of the flat tire,  and enjoyed a cool drink on the back deck.

And Catherine took a picture of me and Lloyd before we drove her back to her place.

It was a fun and tiring day.  Maybe we'll get together when we're back home in Alberta.


rharper said...

I love Dillards! I spent 20 months in California 2005-2007 and almost went into whatever because California doesn't have Dillards. I could never figure that out. And everything is a size 2 in CA. Especially the Los Angeles area. Sickening!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What fun! I've never been to Dillards; but anyplace with a friend is great, huh! Crazy Canadians indeed.

just call me jo said...

How fun for you--and Cath, I'm sure. You're lucky you found stuff. I can't ever seem to have good luck anywhere. But I do usually love Dillards. Nice of the Honda man to help! It's amazing how nice people can be. That's funny that you only see each other when you travel 100s of miles away from "home."

Chatty Crone said...

Is this something you Canadians do - go south to Arizona. Aren't you going in the wrong season? People here go south to Florida for the winter.

Very interesting and delightful story.

Mickey said...

Such fun pictures of the two of you having fun! Arizona just seems to be the place to shop! Can't tell that the heat is bothering you! TFS!
PS No scrapbooking stores in your travels!!?

Holly said...

What a fun day! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your sister in law. Shopping is always a treat. I love that pic of you and your husband, you both look so happy. Or maybe you were just drinking, not judging. A cold one sounds good right now, it's 109 degrees. If you feel so inclined, feel free to bring that chocolate with you at our lunch tomorrow.

Sara said...

That's not where those chairs go!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Cheryl

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