Monday, June 27, 2011

Paper Dolls

Remember the good old days of our childhood when we could spend hours playing with our cut-out dolls?  My sister and I used to have lots of them.  I remember Wendy's favorite set was called "Heavenly Blue Wedding" and the wedding party had the most beautiful clothes.  My corresponding one was a lot less ornate, but I never let Wendy know that I liked hers best.  She used to say that she wanted a dress just like the one her paper doll had.  We also had paper dolls modelled after the celebrities of the day - I had Ann Southern (I imagine no one remembers her now), and Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Disney Sleeping Beauty set among others.  We played with those the way our granddaughters play with Barbies today.

Mum also taught us to make our own paper dolls from the Sears catalogs.  I in turn  taught my girls that trick and for a number of years all our catalogs were cut up to make rooms to furnish and characters to dress and name.  They loved doing that.

My 7-year old granddaughter, Brooklyn, was feeling under the weather today so I was recruited to babysit while her parents went to work.    Knowing she just had a sore throat and slight fever I decided not to go unarmed.  I went into my stash of stuff for visiting grandchildren and found a paper doll book with six Disney princesses and lots of beautiful clothes.  Brooklyn had never seen anything like that so I was happy to introduce this fun play to her.  I was just glad the dolls and their wardrobes now come  in punch out form so we didn't have to use scissors to cut each individual piece out.

It was a fun day with a little not-too-sick girl.


rharper said...

I loved those things.

Chatty Crone said...

I remember playing with paper dolls - these days kids don't know what we are talking about. Glad you showed her and hope she is feeling better- she's cute!

mickey said...

Hoping she's better by tomorrow!