Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Since neither Lloyd nor I have living fathers to celebrate Father's Day with, and since we're many, many miles from our own kids, we just decided to have a day in which Lloyd does whatever he wants.  Luckily, he wanted me with him all day so I got to share his celebration.

Our first stop was in Scottsdale at a small Mexican restaurant called Fiesta Burrito for an early lunch.

Doesn't he look cute sitting there like a movie star with his dark glasses on.

Then we drove along the road where Sarah Palin and Wayne Gretzky probably buy their cars.

We didn't see either one of them though, so we went to a car dealership that specializes in restoring antique cars.  That was a surprisingly fun place to go - so many of the antique cars there were cars we remembered from our youth.  Of course, it only takes 20 years for a car to be declared an antique.  Here are some of my favorites.

1959 Ford Edsel - these were only made for 3 years. I love the color.

Not sure what this was but it sure looks like a gangster car from the 1930s.  Can't you just see Al Capone and/or Baby Face Nelson leaning out the windows to shoot at the good guys!
This looks like one his father used to own.

1930 Ford Model A.  This is waaaay before my time!

When we left there we decided not to use the freeway to go home.  Instead we took a leisurely drive home through Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale and Surprise, taking note of places we'd like to go another day.  We also stopped at a mall in Phoenix and bought a few things.  We love going to new stores and seeing what we can find.

When we got home we relaxed with some pool time.  Lloyd likes puttering around and playing with the skimmer.  It's so windy in the afternoons here that the pool gets full of stuff from the trees.   He cleaned it out and then went swimming.  What a great afternoon!

For his Father's Day dinner, Lloyd barbequed steaks while I made baked potatoes and fried mushrooms.  Coconut cream pie for dessert.

And now it's dark and he's sitting by the pool playing Scrabble on his iPad.  As soon as I finish this post, we're going to go upstairs and watch a movie.

He says he's had a great day...he had phone calls and facebook wishes from the kids, hung out with his favorite girl and did whatever he wanted with his day.  Sounds good to me.


Mickey said...

Great blog of your day. It sounds like a good Father's Day all around!
Ours was good too even though it's been raining for days. It cleared just long enough for us to BBQ!
We ended up watching Les Miserables when everyone went home.

Holly said...

Sounds like a great day! I've never heard of Fiesta Burrito, but then, we don't go to Scottsdale very often. The only time we go east of 43rd Avenue is when we get to go to Bass Pro Shop, lucky me. Glad Lloyd had a nice day.

just call me jo said...

That does sound like a lovely day. Much more festive than lying on the couch with burning eyes--;o) I thought it way too windy to go out much in the blast furnace. I like how you think Lloyd is cute no matter what he does.

ain't for city gals said...

waaaa...I missed lunch with you time for sure!

Emtron said...

glad you showed him a good time. we'll have to take you guys to a belated father's day dinner when you're back in town.

Chatty Crone said...

You two sure had a good time together - I love stuff like that!

JQ said...

"George, not the livestock..."