Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holiday - First Step

Yesterday (Thursday) Lloyd and I drove to Lethbridge for the first leg of our trip to Arizona.   It’s been raining almost non-stop down in southern Alberta for most of the three weeks between our visits to our home there.  This is what we found:

Big mushrooms growing around the base the stump where  my solar lighthouse sits.


Grass almost long enough to cut for hay.

So we got right to work and mowed, raked, swept and bagged grass cuttings.  After three labor-intensive hours, this is what we ended up with, besides aching backs, shoulders and knees.

A nicely cut, sweet smelling, yard of thick luxurious grass...and two tired bodies.

And my neighbours lilacs leaning over our fence.  Lovely.

Two weeks from now, on our way back from AZ,  we’ll have to repeat the exercise.  Unless someone near and dear to us gets to it before we do.


Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Bring some of that rain down here. :)

just call me jo said...

I tried to post the other day to tell you to call me if you have time in AZ. Let me know. I couldn't get the comment to post before. Maybe it was a sign that you were too busy. ;o)

Mickey said...

Wish our grass looked so good!

JQ said...

We just mowed Tom and Edie's next door while they were out. You need better neighbours.