Monday, June 13, 2011

Words and Pictures

Today I was thinking about the diary Lloyd was given for Christmas one year when he was 10 or 11.  He wrote his daily thoughts for about a week and then every day for a month there's just one word on each page:






and then...






Y get the idea.

I think our vacation here in Arizona can be summed up in a few words per day:

Cruise around in the 1992 Buick Roadmaster



Take Pictures


Watch a movie


There are a few variables being thrown in occasionally, like golf for Lloyd for the next three days, but that's basically how our R&R is playing out.  Nice!  We're really going to enjoy retirement when Lloyd finally gets there.

Here's a few miscellaneous pictures of the past few days.

One of at least a dozen limes on our tree

Close up of the blossom of the bottle-brush tree

The beautiful new bottle brush tree in our front yard

The deserted nest Mickey and I watched the birds build in March

A freezer full of ice cream.  Apparently when Amy and Curtis were here a couple weeks ago there was a sale on Ben & Jerry's ice cream, so they stocked up.  Thanks guys! My favorite was the peach cobbler.

Lloyd climbed up on the roof to replace the screen that had blown off, again.

While up on the roof, Lloyd took pictures of the back yard.

and the side yard

And that's it so far. 


Lucy said...

What a neat back yard. I love the lighting system. I'd be floating on the pool every single night.

just call me jo said...

I like your lights too. Those are "real" lights and not those solar jobbers, right? Looks so lovely. Your schedule is surely heaven on earth.

Mickey said...

Love the aerial shots and the lights! & the blossoms & the pool!....everything!
Enjoy! Today it is raining here.

Holly said...

Ice cream and swimming? We may just get to be best friends for life!!! Your yard looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!