Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quiet Day, Restful Day

Lloyd went golfing this morning with his nephew and his friend.  I was left alone to fill the hours on my own - something I enjoy doing.  Anticipating just such 'me' time, I brought with me a card-making kit (sort of like portable scrapbooking) and I sat down and spent a couple nice quiet hours creating greeting cards.  I also took several breaks to play Scrabble and read a Dean Koontz novel on my iPad.

Here's the finished product:

I like making cards - it's a great way to use up scrapbooking scraps.  Trouble is, once I've made them I hate to give them away.

It got up to 108F today (about 42-43C) so we spent some time in the pool this afternoon when it got shady in the back yard.  So nice!

All in all a lovely peaceful day in Paradise.


rharper said...

You're lucky your back yard can be shaded when it is so hot in the afternoon. Swimming is much nicer. I don't dare go in for a while since I got so burned last week.

Chatty Crone said...

You are really having the tough life now - lol - looks like fun!

Holly said...

Your cards are adorable! I've been making a lot of cards lately too, I like to have a lot on hand so I'm not racing around like crazy on someones birthday. I'll do a post in a few days with some of mine. See you in a few!

Holly said...

I don't have an email address for you so I'm posting this reply in your comments.

I've only been making my own cards since last Christmas but I've been loving it. I don't scrapbook though. I don't even print out my pictures anymore, my computer photo files are in overload.

I hope you're not getting "fancy" today. I'm not, too hot. Consider yourself lucky that I'll be wearing a bra and shoes, that's about as fancy as I will be getting. I'll probably be in shorts.

Paradise Bakery at Litchfield and Bell at 11:30, right?

just call me jo said...

Your cards are lovely. So are you and Holly gonna make me look schlumpy when I'm not creative and scrappy? Don't you do it. You know how fragile I am. Don't worry about recognizing us. There's kind of radar that bloggers have for one another...We'll have fun. See you soon.

Mickey said...

Loving the cards! I made the same ones this aft!
It went much faster than usual this time! Great thing to do on a rainy afternoon.